This involved travel and bowling! It was a little tricky to plan ahead.


Day 5

This outfit was kind of blah, but not too bad for car travel. I really like this shirt, but I usually wear it with a necklace. It is definitely missing something.
jeans-old navy


Day 6

I really, really liked this one. It was also excellent for bowling. Maybe I should join a league. Also, how great is this haircut? Thanks, birdcage salon in Olathe!
Cardigan-old navy
Henley-gap (outlet)
Skinny (khakis)-gap
Boots, again-target


Day 7

Sorry about this photo. Light was bad.
Jeans-old navy


Day 8

So, this is a great outfit for work, and I really love these sparkly shoes! I get lots of comments on how cute they are! Thanks for the jewelry, Kim!
Pants-banana (outlet)


Day 9

This is a staple of my wardrobe…I mixed it up a little with this necklace. I don’t think I’ve worn it in over a year! Love these earrings, though! Wear them all the time!





So, yeah, this is Kim’s blog. I’m not Kim. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Lindsey. i’m sure it is quite nice to (not) meet you. Kim is my bff. I like to tell stories that start out “my friend Kim…” So, my friend Kim… asked if i wanted to do this whole 30 for 30 thing and i was like, “only if you pick out my clothes for me.” So that part went pretty well. Now here I am one week into this whole business and I definitely concur with Chad: Trying to photograph yourself is not cool.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The shower curtain. Yes. That is my bathroom. No. I didn’t fall into the tub.

Kim is absolutely my favorite shopping buddy… she has great taste and always tells me the truth when something looks bad. only a true friend can be that brutally honest.

A few notes about me. My shopping strategy is maybe a little different from other people who might attempt 30 for 30 (meaning i don’t really have that many clothes, so i’m pretty used to mixing and matching already. also, i don’t like to spend a lot of $$ on clothes and i only buy things i REALLY! like and only if i don’t already have something in that color. all this to say, some of the clothes i’ve chosen here are a few years old and my biggest goal is to look up-to-date even in clothes that i purchased awhile ago. this is not always a success). Also, i have a pretty strict dress code at work (and it is NOT fashion-friendly). So, whatev.

Day 1

Day 1

Here is my Day1: I love this yellow sweater. I don’t think I love this outfit. These pants are actually brown. Not sure if that shows up in the picture. I sort of get a bad vibe from yellow and brown together.

sweater: target

tank: loft

pants: banana (outlet)

shoes: rocketdog (kim bought those for me a long time ago. i still heart them)

Day 2

Day 2

Day2. I’m really digging this outfit. I’m a big fan of things that are ugly. I think this shirt is real ugly, like in a good way. This is my favorite scarf. From loft. Also, these shoes are pretty great. They make me look tall (sort of), and I can wear them all day even though I stand a lot.

shirt: loft

pants: gap

shoes: target

Also, I like earrings, and i wear them a lot, but you can’t see them very well. I will try harder to get some good pics.



Day3. This is one of the oldest shirts i still have in my closet, but I still wear it all the time. i really like that ruffle-y bit. in my head it is classy. It took me way too long to get into the skinny jean craze, but i am totally there now. These boots are probably the best purchase i made in 2012. They seem to be holding up pretty well. i might wear them, like, every day.

shirt: gap (outlet)

jeans: old navy

boots: target

necklace: walmart (don’t judge me!)

Day 4

Day 4

Day4. Okay. I have a confession. I had to wear scrubs all day and i didn’t even put this on until i got home from work. but i really like it! i will definitely wear this again!

sweater dress: target (this might be even older than the shirt from yesterday… i just checked–i bought it in 2010, so no)

leggings: forever 21?

scarf: gap

boots: target

Sorry about the toothbrush. It is hard to balance on the edge of the tub and aim your camera.

so…after a MAJOR! TECHNOLOGY! FAIL!  I present you with our 30 items!
just in the nick of time.

here are lindsey’s!!  (click to see bigger.)

12 shirts:

30 for 30 lindsey3 30 for 30 lindsey4

4 sweaters:

30 for 30 lindsey2

5 pairs of pants:

30 for 30 lindsey

4 dresses: (and a pair of leggings)

30 for 30 lindsey1

4 pairs of shoes!