today, you get tandem pictures!  for the weekend!

day 6: kim & chad at the church missions party!

I had a hard time getting dressed this day, so I finally went with this dress.  GOOD CHOICE.  I love this dress.  I could do without the pockets giving me extra business at the hips, but they’re not super extreme so it’s okay.
dress: gap
belt: target
shoes: born
earrings: anthropologie
bracelet: BP @ nordy’s

shirt: kohl’s
cardigan: dillard’s
tie: can’t remember (macy’s?)
pants: Target
shoes: macys’s

day 7: lunch after church @ d’bronx



Wait! Hold on a minute…Chad Here!  I really really like this look. And you can’t really tell but those are purple sunglasses.  Seems crazy but I love it!!!!
sweatshirt: target
t-shirt: target
jeans: target
shoes: target!


IMG_5635this is probably my favorite outfit so far!!  it’s great. I was leery of this shirt but it works.
shirt: loft
cardigan: target
skirt: loft
boots: aerosoles
necklace: loft
this outfit will make an appearance again after the 30 days.  YES!


yes, 5 & 8.  tandem post with chad coming up for days 6 & 7!!

day 5:


today you get two crappy pictures because I forgot my camera and had to use my phone.  lame!  but I did like this outfit okay.


top: loft
jeggings: target
boots:  aerosoles (I incorrect marked them in my first post.  sorry.)
messy hair: PT at 6:15am.

day 8:


so this picture kind of sucks too even though I had my camera.  out of focus fail.  I am not thrilled with these boots with this outfit.  I had PT at 6:15 in the am again this morning (for the birds…not cool) and had my outfit packed in my bag to change into at school.  and I think if I had tried this on ahead of time I would have gone with flats instead.  live & learn.
top: loft
skinnies: loft
boots: madden girl
necklace: francesca’s (I am sad you can’t see it better in the pic.  it is great.)
earrings (for shannon!): anthropologie

also?  chad and lindsey are totally spot on that taking a picture of yourself every day sucks big time.  fyi.  I am in agreement.
also?  I will leave you with this little guy.


So, yeah, this is Kim’s blog. I’m not Kim. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Lindsey. i’m sure it is quite nice to (not) meet you. Kim is my bff. I like to tell stories that start out “my friend Kim…” So, my friend Kim… asked if i wanted to do this whole 30 for 30 thing and i was like, “only if you pick out my clothes for me.” So that part went pretty well. Now here I am one week into this whole business and I definitely concur with Chad: Trying to photograph yourself is not cool.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The shower curtain. Yes. That is my bathroom. No. I didn’t fall into the tub.

Kim is absolutely my favorite shopping buddy… she has great taste and always tells me the truth when something looks bad. only a true friend can be that brutally honest.

A few notes about me. My shopping strategy is maybe a little different from other people who might attempt 30 for 30 (meaning i don’t really have that many clothes, so i’m pretty used to mixing and matching already. also, i don’t like to spend a lot of $$ on clothes and i only buy things i REALLY! like and only if i don’t already have something in that color. all this to say, some of the clothes i’ve chosen here are a few years old and my biggest goal is to look up-to-date even in clothes that i purchased awhile ago. this is not always a success). Also, i have a pretty strict dress code at work (and it is NOT fashion-friendly). So, whatev.

Day 1

Day 1

Here is my Day1: I love this yellow sweater. I don’t think I love this outfit. These pants are actually brown. Not sure if that shows up in the picture. I sort of get a bad vibe from yellow and brown together.

sweater: target

tank: loft

pants: banana (outlet)

shoes: rocketdog (kim bought those for me a long time ago. i still heart them)

Day 2

Day 2

Day2. I’m really digging this outfit. I’m a big fan of things that are ugly. I think this shirt is real ugly, like in a good way. This is my favorite scarf. From loft. Also, these shoes are pretty great. They make me look tall (sort of), and I can wear them all day even though I stand a lot.

shirt: loft

pants: gap

shoes: target

Also, I like earrings, and i wear them a lot, but you can’t see them very well. I will try harder to get some good pics.



Day3. This is one of the oldest shirts i still have in my closet, but I still wear it all the time. i really like that ruffle-y bit. in my head it is classy. It took me way too long to get into the skinny jean craze, but i am totally there now. These boots are probably the best purchase i made in 2012. They seem to be holding up pretty well. i might wear them, like, every day.

shirt: gap (outlet)

jeans: old navy

boots: target

necklace: walmart (don’t judge me!)

Day 4

Day 4

Day4. Okay. I have a confession. I had to wear scrubs all day and i didn’t even put this on until i got home from work. but i really like it! i will definitely wear this again!

sweater dress: target (this might be even older than the shirt from yesterday… i just checked–i bought it in 2010, so no)

leggings: forever 21?

scarf: gap

boots: target

Sorry about the toothbrush. It is hard to balance on the edge of the tub and aim your camera.

Hey everyone,

So I’m almost a week into this challenge and I have to say…IT’S BEEN A CHALLENGE!!  It’s very hard for me to get ready in the morning.  Maybe I’m trying to push myself a little to hard to come up with creative ways to mix my wardrobe.  I mean I feel like just pairing a button down with jeans or slacks is kind of a cop out but maybe that’s okay and just something I have to come to terms with.  It’s very different to be a guy doing this challenge I think.  I feel like Kim and Lindsey have way more options to explore and can accessorize their outfits better to make even jean and a shirt seem more fun.  I dunno.  We’ll see how creative I can continue to be but I was really trying hard this week to really pair things together that I have never worn together before.  Here goes:

Day 3:


The cardigan, shoes, and jeans are all from Target and the shirt is from Macy’s.  I really liked this one.  I wore it with slacks to work that day but I thought it went much better with jeans and my plaid shoes.  Also…here’s a fun pic from Day 3 just to keep it interesting…..


Day 4: 


This pic is a little dark but I’m wearing my khaki slacks (Macy’s), blue striped polo (Target), grey zip up sweater (Macy’s), and my black shoes.  This one was just so-so for me but I’m learning. 

Day 5: 


Ok. This might be my favorite one so far!!! I really liked it.  Jeans are from Target, purple sweater from Macy’s, the brown button up is from Dillard’s as well as the blue and brown shoes.  I think I’ll have to remember this one for when this is over.  It may just have to be my day 31 choice!  🙂

So that’s all for now……Chad Out.

ps…. Look for an exciting tandem post for Kim and I’s day 6 choices. 

day 3:


I am LOVING this skirt.  I know it’s like for 14-year-olds, but it is AWESOME.  and this shirt is one my favorites. just for you tommy.
top: loft
skirt: target
shoes: born
necklace: kate spade
I almost bought these shoes in a metallic too.  I should have done it!  I need a new pair of metallic flats.
also, another necklace shot!  this necklace was a gift from carrie and I love it.  it hangs weird sometimes, but no matter.  I love the color and it adds a lot to whatever I wear it with.


day 4:


these pants are weird, but I keep trying and I think I am pulling them off.  the length is a little weird, and they’re not the most awesome shape for my body, but I’m making it work.  and these shoes are pushing it with me.  they are really rubbing against the back of my heel and it’s lame.  a band-aid has been a requirement on the days I’ve worn them.  hopefully they’ll break in a little more the more I wear them.  I’m not running with the kids today (basketball games all night), so I thought I’d take advantage of being able to wear my glasses.  with adding track, it pretty much means I’m in season all year and can’t ever wear my glasses.  and I really like my glasses.
top: loft (it’s a little too big but not awful)
pants: loft
shoes: adrienne vittadini (off broadway)
necklace: banana outlet

also?  one more shot from yesterday.  my bff jami had a baby, and I love him.  he is a squeaky little baby.  he is such a gift.  I am so thankful for him.


Chad here again.  Here are my first 2 days of the 30430 challenge. I hope to post twice a week or so and had some time tonight so I’d thought I’d go ahead post the first 2 days.  Also, I’m pretty sure my least favorite thing about this challenge is going to be taking a pic of myself everyday.  I think it’s weird and I’m incapable of taking a good picture of myself.  But anyways here we go….

Day 1: (sorry again about the bad pic)


I chose this one before I actually chose my 30.  I think they are all good base pieces that should have been included.  Khaki’s from Macys’, Cardi from Target, Shirt from Banana, Shoes from DSW.

Day 2:  


This was my first real attempt at mixing things up a bit.  I was actually really excited about this one.  I don’t think I would have ever normally worn this shirt with that cardigan. I just got the brown cardigan for Christmas and have been having trouble figuring out what to wear it with.  It came from Dillards.  The shirt is form Banana again and the pants and shoes are repeats from yesterday.  I’ll have pretty limited options for pants and shoes at work so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of repeats there.  

I’m already thinking more about how I can mix up these 30 things.  It’s gonna be fun.  Stay tuned….. Chad Out.

Hello all!

I know what you’re saying. Ummm….this is Kim’s blog. Who the heck are you?  I’m Kim’s friend Chad and I’ll be guest posting from time to time while we are doing 30430 together. She told me how she was doing 30 for 30 again this year and I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  I have accumulated let’s say a large quantity of clothing over the years.  My problem is that I don’t really know how to mix and match things in my wardrobe into new outfits.  I’m hoping by doing 30430 that I will learn how to have more fun in my closet when I’m getting ready to face the world every morning. So…let’s get to it.  Here is my 30.  I will say that this is like my first ever real blog post so I’ll apologize in advance if this doesn’t work out the way I want it to.


Most everything has come from Target and Macy’s.  The majority of the button downs have come from Banana Republic.  A lot of these items have been in my closet for years and a few of them are newer.  I’m super pumped to see how I can mix and match these items into 30 new and exciting ensembles.