Okay…I’m way behind here, but I’m gonna try to catch up before this whole job is over! Go go gadget…typing fingers?


Day 10. This outfit made it abundantly obvious to me that I really need to buy a belt. This one looked okay, but it was super uncomfortable (btw-this belt has often been a critical element in my pirate costume, where it is not generally so ouchy and slippy).
Leggings-forever 21
Belt-?? I think it came with a pair of jeans I bought like 8 years ago.


Day 11. I tried this with a scarf, but it was too busy. Love these earrings, though.


Trousers-JC Penney



Day 12. Love this shirt! I have a super cute skirt that I usually wear with it, but I think it’s pretty great with skinnies and boots, too!
Jewelry-courtesy of Kim!


Day 13. I’m a big fan of this little jacket, but I don’t get to wear it very often. It is good for when the weather is nice, but it’s hard to fit under my winter coat. I will keep trying!
Jacket-gap (outlet)
Rock star jeans-old navy


Day 14. One of my favorite dresses! I love wearing dresses in the summer, but it is sometimes a stretch when it’s so cold out. Tights are awesome!
Sweater-old navy


Day 15. I grabbed this cardigan as a trade for the leggings I had originally included in my 30. Kim says they don’t count if you wear them like tights.
Sparkly shoes-target



so, while we’re on the topic of parties, my bff lindsey turned 30 six months after I did.  and while my party was especially great, her party was a totally different kind of awesome.  it was fitting that in the year of queen elizabeth’s diamond jubilee, lindsey’s 30th birthday party was her half diamond jubilee, and its theme was all things british.  we did a lot of planning, and brits was especially helpful in supplies and foods.

half diamond jubliee

I WANT THAT TEA TOWEL!!  isn’t it incredible?  and the map from elizabeth & philip’s wedding is pretty incredible too.  we had lots of tea, and things like meat pies and such.  and lots of biscuits!  hobnobs!  digestives!  jaffa cakes!  jammie dodgers!  walkers shortbreads!  pretty awesome.  and lemon curd.  mmm.

I was pretty sad that I had tossed my PB hat in the move, but I had the skillz to remake it so I could go as princess beatrice.


lindsey was the queen (duh) and bobby was james bond.


there were a few other costumes as well, and top gear was watched.  also, the game of celebrity was more challenging with some older people who were out of touch with pop culture.


also, I really feel like lindsey’s crown bears mention, because it was incredible.  see?


I love that we both had hats.  so fun.  I am SO! VERY! HAPPY! that they live close now.


it’s a great time to be 30.

so…..election day party is my favorite party.  I know this was like….2 or 3 months ago, but it is still one of my favorite things in recent memory.

election party

I love having election parties!  they are so fun!  mostly….because of the theme snacks (my favorite theme snack of all time is lemonader, too bad he wasn’t in the running this year).  I feel like we did a really good job with the theme snacks this year.

theme snacks this year included:

political pilsners
campaign trail mix
andes mitts
barackoli salad
yes we pumpCAN roll
barackoli cheese casserole
mitt rominey cheese casserole
obamacarot cake
mint rumneys
four more beers
junior mitts
chex tea party mix
pop rock barack cupcakes
baracky road fudge bars
what race is obama cookies
yes we peCAN cookies
chocolate mitt candies
left wing nuts & G-O-Peanuts
bipartisan punch

my favorite thing on the table was the straw poll.


my mom helped me decorate!  it was so fun to do this with her.  we went all out.  there were lots of balloons and stuff like that, but ALSO, the hall table was pretty incredible.


yes, those are pictures of all 44 presidents (and grover cleveland is even on there twice).  mom made the frame with obama and romney and the question mark.  I wanted more themed tableware, but apparently people who shop at party city in OP are republicans, because they only had donkey stuff left, and it just didn’t seem like the right thing to do to not have both sides represented.  but the best thing about this party is that we mostly just eat theme snacks and don’t talk politics.  it’s great.  and refreshing after months of seeing all the dumb campaign ads.  we talk about presidential trivia, and play balderdash, so we can get some more votes in.

here’s to 2016!



I mean really.  what other jazzercise baby do you know?

photo (1)

and is this even for real?


and OMG how cute is her little brother going to be?  being an aunt is the best ever.


so after a very, VERY, very busy fall, it is finally christmas break and I have so many things to share here.  a few quilts (one VERY, very big one) and a few big changes, a few recipes and a few thoughts.   things I may or may not be discussing:

  • I love xc!  this is not news to anyone.
  • running a half marathon with a kidney infection is bad news bears.
  • adding a new sport to my coaching docket.
  • Track Is Very Different Than Cross Country.
  • quilts!  modern and less so.   for babies and for kings.
  • Parties, political and others (no really, like parties about politics, not political parties).
  • spaghetti squash is your new favorite food.
  • When Fights Break Out Over Calling Another Student A Rainbow.
  • driving an automatic for the first time ever.
  • 30 for 30!!!  a new round is coming soon!  let me know if you want to join us!
  • “So I’m at dis club.  You wanna know the name of the club?  Club Cray Cray.”
  • will I die skiing?
  • new babies.
  • colored jeans: they are awesome.
  • new tunes!

see you soon.

on videos:  the funniest/most awesome videos I have seen this week.

1.  flight of the conchords is pretty awesome, and this is probably my favorite thing they’ve ever done.  and, brooke fraser is in it.  for real.  awesome.

2.  this one is pretty great.  “name something you might buy that could turn out to be phony.”  “a horse.

3.  several of these come from the “take other videos or clips and splice them into something awesome”.  (my original favorite of these is here).  I really like this one because it is fun to watch the obamas dance.  this election year has given us some pretty great videos in general.

4.  this one is one that my brother sent me.  “I thought he was Joe?” hilarious.

5.  and also from BLR, the FUNNIEST THING I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME.  this one is my favorite out of the 5.  it makes me laugh so hard I can’t stand it.  “cray cray.  yo  mama karen has a pig ear.  it’s a PIG EAR.”  tears, I have tears in my eyes.  “yo mama can’t reach my garden. o-tay?   it’s my garden, ya dig?”

many things have happened.

I went to see my sweetie at starlight with my bff.  it was so great.  (train was pretty awesome too.)  the funniest thing that happened at the concert was a random guy from the crowd yelling at me that I did a great boystown presentation that morning (I did a boystown presentation for the middle school teachers at staff development that morning.)

I went home and saw the cats play!!!!!  this was a great, great day.  while our seats were not initially incredible, they became extra incredible for the fireworks after the game when we had to sit on the field.

oh how I have missed this place!!!  sharon and I did the wabash all night long.  and we BOTH got to watch former students play.  WHAT IN THE HECK.  we are getting old.

my classes are mostly good.  one totally bonkers class and the rest awesome.  I do love my job.  it is never boring.

I moved.  yes.  NO.  I hate moving.  my friends are incredible.  I am so thankful for them.  especially lindsey for helping me pack up all my crap.  I threw away and donated a ridiculous amount of junk.  I am NOT unpacked yet.  my mom is very gracious and a good roommate.

things that are awesome about casa de rena: I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom.  cooking for 2 is easier.  I get to play my piano more.  the water pressure in the shower is incredible.  lots of space for sewing.

I signed up for another half-marathon.  and I am SO! EXCITED!  the timing is great, and it’s on our home trail for xc.  a different section of the trail, but it overlaps a little with the part we run for practice on long days.  I am non-excited about the uphill finish.  who’s brilliant idea was that?  probably a non-runner.  the website makes me laugh.  they are pretty proud of how big the medals are.

I ran 9 miles today!  and I am telling myself that 9 miles calories > z-man calories.

I (well, we, all 3 of us coaches) took our varsity teams up to ames, iowa for a big huge meet.  the trip was seriously SO FUN.  I just love these kids.  they behaved so well, were so fun to hang out with, and ran really well.  the course at ISU was really pretty.  if I lived there I would go run it all the time.  we played mafia, ate at hickory park,

and, went to wal-mart.  so fun for high schoolers.  they snuck off without us and were being sneaky.  this is what they were doing.  they make me laugh so very hard.

I found a new winning recipe!  well, actually chad found it.  we changed it up a little (left out the peppers and subbed in peas).

we made it again last week, and added a few fried eggs and were very pleased.  this was a pretty easy recipe that is pretty healthy!  score!!  and I don’t really even like ham.  (I bought it diced up really small and that helps).  go try it!  even bobby liked it!  and that’s saying something.  

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