oh my goodness this makes me laugh so hard.

michael, becca and I stopped at this place for dinner on our way home from the lake.  ENTIRELY because of the name.  and this sketch.  it was a pretty weird place, but the food wasn’t bad and it was a fun experience.  there were lots of references to guacamolito sauce.







this is me and my friend becca.  at the lake.  oh the lake.  we are so lucky to have friends with the hookup, that let us go and stay at their place at table rock each year.  it is SO. GOOD.  sometimes we will jetski, or boat, but mostly we just sit around on the big porch, and float in the water, and drink.  (and this year, watch the olympics).  we grill, eat guacamole, make crack cakes, and find a sketchy ozark restaurant to go to.  it is pretty much the best time ever.  we also spend a great deal of time looking through the real estate books and coming up with ways for us to buy a lake place.  the plan this year included opening a restaurant with good service, because everyone would go there.  we would serve crack cakes, guacamole, smoothies and taco night.  these are all things we are good at.

and, I love my small group.  God & the Family Band 4 ever.





when I returned from the pac nw, I picked up my car, reveled in the fixed a/c, and two days later put my stuff back in my suitcase and headed east.  I drove to champaign to visit my friend kim from high school.  I miss her.  her family is still in kc, so I get to see her every once in awhile, but champaign is an easy drive that I don’t mind making.  it’s especially nice that you don’t have to take I-70 between kc and st. louis (my least favorite road to drive on EVER.)

kim and her husband kyle and I spent some time visiting, talking about cloth diapers and getting excited about the little girl they’re about to have, and then the next day kim & I hopped in my car and drove up to the michigan coast.  we stayed at a cute little bed & breakfast, and in general slowed down for a few days.  we spent some time at the beach, watching movies, and being quiet.  it was great!  we also went and got pedicures, and were greeted at the spa by a lady who had a totally inappropriate reaction to us having the same name.  (“are you mother and daughter?”   “are you serious?!?!?!?!?”   “how does that happen?!?!?!“)  seriously, that lady needed to get over it.

I was very excited to cross michigan off my list, and the shore was beautiful.  the beach was very nice, and the water felt SO. GOOD.  so nice and cool.

also, it should be noted that champaign is also home to (in my opinion) the best sushi of all time.  for real.  I have never in my life had sushi that delicious, not even in california.  we ordered way more sushi than necessary for 3 people, and we finished it all off.  I was sad for kim that she was limited in her options, but even the pregnancy-safe ones were so good!!  I am so serious in saying that I would probably make the almost 7 hour drive just for this sushi.  kim & kyle don’t have to worry about not having frequent visits from me as long as ko fusion is in business.

sad day.  eventually, I had to come home from the pac nw.  I was not very happy.  I did have a delay in minneapolis, but I eventually made it home around midnight.  aaaaaaand, it was about 20 degrees hotter at midnight in kc than it ever was anywhere else on my trip.  LAME.

it was a very, very, very good trip.  the pac nw will see me again.

I made a few little gifts for my hosts on my trip.  first, a few pot holders for scott and laura, out of some lark I had in my stash.  and grommets!  I got a grommet tool to help with the grommets, and it was NOT helpful.  any tips?  I did use 5 (FIVE!) layers of batting and one piece of canvas on the inside.  I’m hoping it makes them a little more heat-resistant.  I’ve never had much luck with insul-bright.

for stephanie’s girls, I made some library bags.  these were fun to make!  I practiced my applique skills with their names and found that my applique skills are still pretty lacking.  but the pocket for the library card just kills me.  so awesome.

and for addie, a craft smock out of this book.  (side note:  I really love that book.  everything I have made from it has turned out awesome.  I especially love the jewelry roll.  but it does have a few really stupid projects (see: spats and lots of ugly “dresses.”)) and once I got the pattern pieces cut out, it was SO FUN to make!  do you see the little pockets for crayons or colored pencils?  awesome.  but…..pattern pieces.  yeah.  I hate working with patterns.  they are so stupid and annoying.  why can’t everything be cut with a ruler???  one more side note, this fabric came from joann’s!  for real!  I sure hate going to joann’s, and I usually hate their fabric selection even more, but this stuff is pretty stinking cute.

all gifts were well received.  it feels good to make a handmade gift.

after we left the beach (sad), we drove back by way of tillamook.  tillamook!  home of cheese,  and ice cream.  it was delicious.  it would be hard to choose between cheese and ice cream, so I’m glad I got to go with both.

in general I liked driving around in all the little towns on the way.  all the towns and buildings have quilt squares!
this block on the chamber of commerce building is one that I assure you I would never make.  too many points.

on my last full day in portland, we took a trip to the oregon coast.

it was more wonderful than I could ever describe.
it was cool, and foggy, and I wanted to stay there forever.

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