okay, here we go, home stretch.  I am really, really unimpressed with my expensive camera and my crappy photographer skillz.  these pictures have been so, very, terrible, and it makes taking them even more annoying.  anyways, you thought we’d quit complaining about that? no, sorry.

day 21:

easily, EASILY my least favorite outfit of this whole business.  I wore this to church and it was just bad.  I don’t like it even a little and I just felt uncomfortable the whole time I was wearing it because it was so unflattering and so NOT a good combination.  you will not see this combo ever again.  I feel like the tights were what really pushed it over the edge of no good.  also, this skirt is proving to be not versatile even a little.  it is still okay with a navy tank top, but I am glad that I got it on clearance and didn’t pay full price for it.  I AM going to give it one more chance before the end of the 30 and see if I can do it a little better.

IMG_5891 top:  loft
skirt: loft
tights: old navy
shoes: born
necklace: bp @ nordy’s.

day 22:

okay, disclaimer, there was no way I was going to be able to get from my car into school without snow boots, and my plan was to bring other shoes in my bag and switch them when I got to school, but then….I forgot, so you get one random outfit with rogue pink boots in them.  sorry, #rulesfail.  other than that I am REALLY into this outfit.  this remix is really bringing up a love for this top for me.  it is so great and I really should wear it more often than I do.  (also, you can’t tell in the photo, but it has a lot of really skinny stripes all over it.  stripes ftw!)

IMG_5936top: loft
jeggings: target
(boots: uggs)
necklace: ???  (it was a gift from carrie.  thanks carrie!!)

day 23:

this outfit is not really anything new, but I like it just the same.  also, pictures make me think that these skinny cords are not as awesome on me as they could be.  I feel like they look great in person, but maybe not so much.  this shirt though, WINNER!  love it.

IMG_5917top: loft
skinny cords: loft
shoes: born
earrings: world market
bracelets: banana outlet (these are on their last legs and I’m pretty sure the elastic is going to snap next time I wear them.  it’s been a good run, bracelets.)

day 24:

sorry about the too-dark photo.  I am pretty pleased with this outfit.  I love this shirt so very much.  I have so many versions of tiered tanks from loft that it is ridiculous.  I just think they are so flattering.

IMG_5929top: loft
cardigan: loft
jeggings: target
shoes: adrienne vittadini
necklace: loft

day 25:

so, I wear these tights a lot.  you’ll see them again in my last set of days.  I’ve never worn this dress with a skinny belt but I’m okay with it.  I almost wore a cream-colored skinny belt instead, but went a little crazy with the pink.  in hindsight I think the cream would have been a better choice, but whatev.  it’s fun to go a little crazy.  this dress came with a belt/tie made out of the same material and business as the dress, but the belt loops were too low and it was just not that flattering.  once I ditched the one that came with it and started using my own belts up a little higher, this dress turned into such a winner.

IMG_5941dress: gap
tights: target
belt: target
boots: aerosoles

FIVE! MORE! DAYS!  I am ready.  I don’t think I picked enough casual clothes for me to have as much fun this time.  lesson learned.  and chad and I were talking at church today about how very excited we are to wear the rest of our closets.  SO! READY!  also? somuchcutestuffattargetrightnowitkillsme.  ready to go shopping.