so I’m super behind.  you’d think that what with having FOUR snow days I would have managed time to do this.  NOPE.  #puzzleprobs
so I’ll be bringing my last updates in groups of five over the next 3 days.

day 16:

this was definitely not my favorite, but it’s not awful.  every time I see myself in a picture of this shirt I’m just not that excited about it.  this is noted for the future.

top: loft
pants: loft
shoes: adrienne vittadini
necklace: loft

day 17:

I am SO! HAPPY! with this outfit!  I wore this top a lot last year, but pretty much always with the same skirt and necklace, and I haven’t worn it that much this year.  it is a tiny bit too big.  BUT, I have a newfound love for it and now I want to wear it all the time.  I have had to restrain myself from wearing it like 6 times during the 30 days.  this is the kind of thing that I think the 30 for 30 is really good for.

IMG_5742top: loft
jeggings: target
scarf: banana
boots: aerosoles

day 18:

this is another snow day outfit, but I can’t remember if I did actually wear it anywhere.  whatev.

top: loft
skinnies: loft
scarf: target
shoes: born

day 19:

this is kind of a fake outfit due to one of our snow days.  I didn’t actually wear it anywhere but it’s not so bad.  I’ve never worn this dress with a wide belt, but I think it is a good plan.  I am also pretending here that I can wear my hair in a side braid.  this is a facade.  it doesn’t actually do that.  it’s way too straight and there is way too much of it to be able to do anything like that.  there are a lot of bobby pins involved here.

dress: old navy
flats: born (this dress really needs a different pair of shoes than any of the ones I have in my 30, usually I go with off-white ones).
belt: target (I LOVE THIS BELT!)
necklace: francesca’s

day 20:

ehhh…this outfit is okay.  really, this shirt is too big and it doesn’t photograph well.  but it gives me hope that maybe someday a wiksten tank would work for me.

tank: loft
jeggings: target
flats: adrienne vittadini
necklace: banana

stay tuned.  days 21-25 include my least favorite outfit, as well as four that I really really like.  bye!