so, this post has some of the worst pictures ever.  I know that we need to just like get over it, but taking a picture of yourself every day is so annoying.

day 11:

2nd day of PTCs.  and the worst day of conferences ever, I might add.  we were SO! SLOW! and it made for SUCH! a boring day.  I don’t know if this picture fully conveys our extreme boredom.



dress: old navy (this dress is really cute, I swear, apparently it just photographs horribly.  it really does fit me.)
belt: target
shoes: adrienne vittadini
necklace: kate spade
earrings (pictured below): world market


day 12:
what in the heck worst picture ever.  lindsey, I hope your house is finished being built soon, because the lighting in your current place SUCKS!  also I look like I’m maybe 12 in this picture.


this outfit is pretty cute, even though this shirt is a little too big for me.  I had to wear something pink for the basketball game I was working because it was “cheer for the cure” night.  in all honesty I don’t know how I feel about stuff like that.  I mean….I think that cancer awareness is important, and something we should support, but I don’t know how much stuff like that really has an impact on anything.  do basketball players wearing pink socks really make a difference?  I saw a tweet last october that said something to the effect of “how about NFL players donate their salary to cancer research instead of wearing pink?” and I am honestly still thinking about it.  anyways.  I’m getting off subject.
top: loft
skinnies: loft
shoes: adrienne vittadini
necklace: banana outlet

day 13:
this is the day that I remembered that there is a giant mirror in the laundry room, and taking my own photo gets a little bit easier.


the chili cook-off was tonight, and I did not make chili.  I was kind of thinking that my chili is nothing super special,  BUT, I totally should have made chili, because the winner (and also my personal favorite) was EXACTLY like my chili.  although then I guess we would have had two that were exactly the same.  whatev.  anyways, I made normal soup instead.  well, not normal soup, but soup that was not chili.  last week I tried this soup from a box, and it was one of the best soups I’ve ever had, so I tried to recreate it.  I couldn’t find a recipe anywhere, so I kind of went from one that was a little similar and changed it up to try and make it like the one in the box.  it was good, but not as close as I wanted it to be.  it needs more sweet potatoes.  also, tomatillos are pretty annoying to work with (albeit delicious).  anyways, moving on.
top: banana (I love this top, even though it is a little too small [trying to make up for yesterday?])
skinny cords: loft
boots: aerosoles
necklace: from amazima, a gift from my favorite toddler JB a few christmases ago (I love this necklace.  everyone needs a few multicolored necklaces that go with everything.)
glasses: D&G

day 14:


top: loft
skirt: target
shoes: born
necklace: loft

day 15:


I am super happy with this outfit.  I love this shirt.  usually I wear it with my red or purple skinny cords.
top: loft
sweater: loft
jeggings: target
shoes: adrienne vittadini
earrings: loft
I wore this outfit out to dinner with my grandma.  I took her out for her birthday and introduced her to sushi.  it was super fun and awesome.  if you know my grandma you know how awesome it was.  she was super into it and it was so fun.  hbd to e-mac!!