these are probably my favorite two outfits so far.  the first one I never would have thought of without 30 for 30, but the second one is exactly how I pictured it when I bought the dress.

day 9:


top: loft
skinny cords: loft
shoes: born
necklace: NY & co?  I think?  it’s pretty old.
and yes.  probably my favorite outfit so far.

day 10:


conferences start today.  YES!  maybe this is bad, but I kind of like looking a little edgy at conferences.  this is the only thing I bought specifically for this challenge.  I really wanted a new sweater dress, but I couldn’t find one that was flattering in the middle.  then I saw this one and I thought maybe it could serve the same purpose.  which it does!  with the added bonus of not being hot!  I did go back and forth between boots and flats with this.  I am happy with the boots, but next time I’ll try flats to compare.
dress: target
tights: target
boots: madden girl
belt: came with a different dress from loft
necklace: banana outlet
earrings: world market (have you ever bought jewelry at world market?  they have great stuff at good prices, especially post earrings.
I feel like I can do anything in this out, even last a 14 hour marathon day.