Hey everyone,

So I’m almost a week into this challenge and I have to say…IT’S BEEN A CHALLENGE!!  It’s very hard for me to get ready in the morning.  Maybe I’m trying to push myself a little to hard to come up with creative ways to mix my wardrobe.  I mean I feel like just pairing a button down with jeans or slacks is kind of a cop out but maybe that’s okay and just something I have to come to terms with.  It’s very different to be a guy doing this challenge I think.  I feel like Kim and Lindsey have way more options to explore and can accessorize their outfits better to make even jean and a shirt seem more fun.  I dunno.  We’ll see how creative I can continue to be but I was really trying hard this week to really pair things together that I have never worn together before.  Here goes:

Day 3:


The cardigan, shoes, and jeans are all from Target and the shirt is from Macy’s.  I really liked this one.  I wore it with slacks to work that day but I thought it went much better with jeans and my plaid shoes.  Also…here’s a fun pic from Day 3 just to keep it interesting…..


Day 4: 


This pic is a little dark but I’m wearing my khaki slacks (Macy’s), blue striped polo (Target), grey zip up sweater (Macy’s), and my black shoes.  This one was just so-so for me but I’m learning. 

Day 5: 


Ok. This might be my favorite one so far!!! I really liked it.  Jeans are from Target, purple sweater from Macy’s, the brown button up is from Dillard’s as well as the blue and brown shoes.  I think I’ll have to remember this one for when this is over.  It may just have to be my day 31 choice!  🙂

So that’s all for now……Chad Out.

ps…. Look for an exciting tandem post for Kim and I’s day 6 choices.