day 3:


I am LOVING this skirt.  I know it’s like for 14-year-olds, but it is AWESOME.  and this shirt is one my favorites. just for you tommy.
top: loft
skirt: target
shoes: born
necklace: kate spade
I almost bought these shoes in a metallic too.  I should have done it!  I need a new pair of metallic flats.
also, another necklace shot!  this necklace was a gift from carrie and I love it.  it hangs weird sometimes, but no matter.  I love the color and it adds a lot to whatever I wear it with.


day 4:


these pants are weird, but I keep trying and I think I am pulling them off.  the length is a little weird, and they’re not the most awesome shape for my body, but I’m making it work.  and these shoes are pushing it with me.  they are really rubbing against the back of my heel and it’s lame.  a band-aid has been a requirement on the days I’ve worn them.  hopefully they’ll break in a little more the more I wear them.  I’m not running with the kids today (basketball games all night), so I thought I’d take advantage of being able to wear my glasses.  with adding track, it pretty much means I’m in season all year and can’t ever wear my glasses.  and I really like my glasses.
top: loft (it’s a little too big but not awful)
pants: loft
shoes: adrienne vittadini (off broadway)
necklace: banana outlet

also?  one more shot from yesterday.  my bff jami had a baby, and I love him.  he is a squeaky little baby.  he is such a gift.  I am so thankful for him.