pretty sure I won’t be posting this often all month, but this week is going to be totes cray cray and I need to stay ahead while I can.

day 1: (out of focus!  sorry.  camera skillz fail.)


I’m not sure how I feel about these shoes with this skirt.  they don’t look that bad in the picture, but in real life it’s only so-so.  maybe boots next time?
skirt & sweater: target
top: loft
shoes:  adrienne vitadinni
necklace: loft (this is one of my favorite necklaces EVER!)

day 2:


this is the top I bought for fashion night out.  thanks to chad for making me include it in my 30.  good call chad.
jeggings: target (jeggings are my life)
top: francesca’s
zipper boots:  madden girl
necklace: francesca’s
speaking of which…isn’t this necklace kind of awesome?  they have great jewelry at francesca’s.


aaaaaaaand, PS, chad is totally joining us!  look for guest posts soon!  hooray!