aaaaaaaand… are my 30!!  I feel like I had a much harder time choosing this time, and I was VERY! THANKFUL! for the help of chad and tommy (SHOUT OUT!  GUEST POST?)

you might notice that I kind of buy a lot of my clothes at the same place.  sorry for the boring captions.

a completely ridiculous THIRTEEN tops (this might be a problem considering there are only 30 days):topssleeveless tops

only two sweaters (since I am never cold anymore EVER)sweaters

four pairs of pants:

30 for 30 kim

four skirts:

three dresses:

30 for 30

aaaaaand, four pairs of shoes.

I am READY!!!  and?  very pleased with our choices.  I am very excited to see where this goes.

PS–see shannon’s here!!!