so, while we’re on the topic of parties, my bff lindsey turned 30 six months after I did.  and while my party was especially great, her party was a totally different kind of awesome.  it was fitting that in the year of queen elizabeth’s diamond jubilee, lindsey’s 30th birthday party was her half diamond jubilee, and its theme was all things british.  we did a lot of planning, and brits was especially helpful in supplies and foods.

half diamond jubliee

I WANT THAT TEA TOWEL!!  isn’t it incredible?  and the map from elizabeth & philip’s wedding is pretty incredible too.  we had lots of tea, and things like meat pies and such.  and lots of biscuits!  hobnobs!  digestives!  jaffa cakes!  jammie dodgers!  walkers shortbreads!  pretty awesome.  and lemon curd.  mmm.

I was pretty sad that I had tossed my PB hat in the move, but I had the skillz to remake it so I could go as princess beatrice.


lindsey was the queen (duh) and bobby was james bond.


there were a few other costumes as well, and top gear was watched.  also, the game of celebrity was more challenging with some older people who were out of touch with pop culture.


also, I really feel like lindsey’s crown bears mention, because it was incredible.  see?


I love that we both had hats.  so fun.  I am SO! VERY! HAPPY! that they live close now.


it’s a great time to be 30.