so, it is high time for a new 30 for 30 remix.  kendi doesn’t host them anymore, but it was so good for me that I need to do it again.  Lindsey is going to join me….anyone else?  we are going to start monday, february 4, and finish tuesday, march 5.  we got excited when we did Fashion Night Out last week (which…..basically involved our PR/survivor crew dressing up and going to……cheddar’s.  totally appropriate and awesome.)


remember the last time?  it was pretty great.  and it’s funny how now my style is pretty different than it was 2 years ago!  gotta keep up, you know.

30 for 30 outfits1

if you would like to join us, let me know!  you can put it on your own blog and I can link you up, or if you don’t have a blog or anything I can add you as a guest contributor and you can post here.

here is what you need to do before the 4th:
1.  pick out 30 items.  shoes are included but accessories and foundation garments (tights, camis, you know) are not.
2.  document them if you like.  (take pictures, make a list, whatev. if you want to get all fancy, picasa is pretty nice for making collages and adding text.)
3.  make an attitude adjustment to get ready to take a picture of your outfit every day.  for 30 days.  it gets old pretty fast.  get ready.
4.  get excited!!  it is so worth it!  I learned so much from this last time and it was worth taking all the stupid pictures and making sure to keep a record of it.  aaaaaand, it’s nice for your budget 🙂  learning how to shop smart is a good thing.  also, when you’re done?  you will be SO! EXCITED! about the things in your closet that you didn’t get to wear!  it’s a very exciting day and it’s like going shopping for free.

other than that, NO SHOPPING for clothes for 30 days.  learn how to wear your closet.

lastly, here is my general advice:
1.  make sure you don’t pick something that doesn’t match anything else you picked.  last time I picked a pair of brown pants that I loved and that matched a bunch of the clothes I picked but didn’t match any shoes I picked.  fail.
2.  pick enough basics that you can build off of.  nobody will notice if you wear the same black top 10 times, not true for something totally crazy.  (also, this taught me to buy more basics and rely more on my styling for variety, which is good).
3.  think about the weather, and if you have any specific events coming up you need to plan for.  for example, last time we were supposed to get a bunch of snow so I had to include my uggs, probably not an issue this time.  also, parent teacher conferences are in the middle of february for me, so I need to plan for those and make sure I include stuff I can wear to conferences.  do you have a wedding to go to?  stuff like that.
4.  if you have something in your closet that you are unsure about, this is a great place to try it.  if you just can’t bring yourself to include it, that’s a good sign that you should probably get rid of it.  conversely, you will discover very quickly if you don’t actually like something if you include it in your 30 items and never include it in your outfits for the 30 days.  this happened to me last time with a sweater that didn’t fit really well–it was an easy choice to donate it when the 30 days were up.

I am going to try to not use anything I used last time!  wish me luck!