it is no secret how much I love cross country.  it’s a lot.  this year was different because we had a new head coach.  but can I tell you?  I LOVE THESE KIDS.  and it has been so fun to see them grow into such a strong team.  we went into the season knowing the girls team was going to be pretty great, but pretty early on we realized that the boys were going to be super strong also.  and it made me so proud to see them work and succeed.  especially the girls.  just because when I started coaching we didn’t even have a full girls varsity team most of the time.  and now we have a full varsity, full jv, and a c team too.  all of this is nuts to me.  but seriously.  I love these girls.


we ended up taking both teams to state!  and we were once again the most successful fall sport.  nbd.  taking both teams to state was a big deal because we had never taken a girls team, and haven’t taken a boys team in 10 years, and obviously have never taken both teams in the same year.  it was so, so exciting.  AND…….both of our teams placed 5th!  which was terribly exciting and such a fun moment.  we were so proud of them.


I always knew I would love teaching, and I always knew that it would be rewarding, even when it was difficult.  but I never imagined that I would love being a coach.  oh I love it!  xc is pretty much the best ever.  but…this year I am adding something new.  this spring, I will start coaching the 400m and 800m for track.  I am nervous!  but excited.  it is a big time commitment, but I hope it is worth it, and I hope it makes me a better coach.

also…in case you have ever wondered what a cross country meet is like, here is our team video from this year.  you can also see me look ridiculous and show off my bad dance moves.  watching clips of running gets a little boring, but we try to include all the kids, so we mix it up with other random stuff.  I love my job.