so after a very, VERY, very busy fall, it is finally christmas break and I have so many things to share here.  a few quilts (one VERY, very big one) and a few big changes, a few recipes and a few thoughts.   things I may or may not be discussing:

  • I love xc!  this is not news to anyone.
  • running a half marathon with a kidney infection is bad news bears.
  • adding a new sport to my coaching docket.
  • Track Is Very Different Than Cross Country.
  • quilts!  modern and less so.   for babies and for kings.
  • Parties, political and others (no really, like parties about politics, not political parties).
  • spaghetti squash is your new favorite food.
  • When Fights Break Out Over Calling Another Student A Rainbow.
  • driving an automatic for the first time ever.
  • 30 for 30!!!  a new round is coming soon!  let me know if you want to join us!
  • “So I’m at dis club.  You wanna know the name of the club?  Club Cray Cray.”
  • will I die skiing?
  • new babies.
  • colored jeans: they are awesome.
  • new tunes!

see you soon.