on videos:  the funniest/most awesome videos I have seen this week.

1.  flight of the conchords is pretty awesome, and this is probably my favorite thing they’ve ever done.  and, brooke fraser is in it.  for real.  awesome.

2.  this one is pretty great.  “name something you might buy that could turn out to be phony.”  “a horse.

3.  several of these come from the “take other videos or clips and splice them into something awesome”.  (my original favorite of these is here).  I really like this one because it is fun to watch the obamas dance.  this election year has given us some pretty great videos in general.

4.  this one is one that my brother sent me.  “I thought he was Joe?” hilarious.

5.  and also from BLR, the FUNNIEST THING I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME.  this one is my favorite out of the 5.  it makes me laugh so hard I can’t stand it.  “cray cray.  yo  mama karen has a pig ear.  it’s a PIG EAR.”  tears, I have tears in my eyes.  “yo mama can’t reach my garden. o-tay?   it’s my garden, ya dig?”