many things have happened.

I went to see my sweetie at starlight with my bff.  it was so great.  (train was pretty awesome too.)  the funniest thing that happened at the concert was a random guy from the crowd yelling at me that I did a great boystown presentation that morning (I did a boystown presentation for the middle school teachers at staff development that morning.)

I went home and saw the cats play!!!!!  this was a great, great day.  while our seats were not initially incredible, they became extra incredible for the fireworks after the game when we had to sit on the field.

oh how I have missed this place!!!  sharon and I did the wabash all night long.  and we BOTH got to watch former students play.  WHAT IN THE HECK.  we are getting old.

my classes are mostly good.  one totally bonkers class and the rest awesome.  I do love my job.  it is never boring.

I moved.  yes.  NO.  I hate moving.  my friends are incredible.  I am so thankful for them.  especially lindsey for helping me pack up all my crap.  I threw away and donated a ridiculous amount of junk.  I am NOT unpacked yet.  my mom is very gracious and a good roommate.

things that are awesome about casa de rena: I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom.  cooking for 2 is easier.  I get to play my piano more.  the water pressure in the shower is incredible.  lots of space for sewing.

I signed up for another half-marathon.  and I am SO! EXCITED!  the timing is great, and it’s on our home trail for xc.  a different section of the trail, but it overlaps a little with the part we run for practice on long days.  I am non-excited about the uphill finish.  who’s brilliant idea was that?  probably a non-runner.  the website makes me laugh.  they are pretty proud of how big the medals are.

I ran 9 miles today!  and I am telling myself that 9 miles calories > z-man calories.

I (well, we, all 3 of us coaches) took our varsity teams up to ames, iowa for a big huge meet.  the trip was seriously SO FUN.  I just love these kids.  they behaved so well, were so fun to hang out with, and ran really well.  the course at ISU was really pretty.  if I lived there I would go run it all the time.  we played mafia, ate at hickory park,

and, went to wal-mart.  so fun for high schoolers.  they snuck off without us and were being sneaky.  this is what they were doing.  they make me laugh so very hard.

I found a new winning recipe!  well, actually chad found it.  we changed it up a little (left out the peppers and subbed in peas).

we made it again last week, and added a few fried eggs and were very pleased.  this was a pretty easy recipe that is pretty healthy!  score!!  and I don’t really even like ham.  (I bought it diced up really small and that helps).  go try it!  even bobby liked it!  and that’s saying something.