this is me and my friend becca.  at the lake.  oh the lake.  we are so lucky to have friends with the hookup, that let us go and stay at their place at table rock each year.  it is SO. GOOD.  sometimes we will jetski, or boat, but mostly we just sit around on the big porch, and float in the water, and drink.  (and this year, watch the olympics).  we grill, eat guacamole, make crack cakes, and find a sketchy ozark restaurant to go to.  it is pretty much the best time ever.  we also spend a great deal of time looking through the real estate books and coming up with ways for us to buy a lake place.  the plan this year included opening a restaurant with good service, because everyone would go there.  we would serve crack cakes, guacamole, smoothies and taco night.  these are all things we are good at.

and, I love my small group.  God & the Family Band 4 ever.