this is me and my friend shana.  I like her.  she is getting married in a month.  to my friend doug.  I like him too.  sorry, getting off topic.

so, we were determined to make the “zachary taylor.”  named after our 12th president.  I’ve told you guys how he died, right?  it’s my favorite president fact.  in case you have forgotten, it was the 4th of july in 1850, halfway through his term, and he was at the groundbreaking ceremony for the washington monument.  it was crazy hot, and to cool himself off, he ate a bunch of cherries and washed it down with iced milk.  FOOLISH!  both of these things were dangerous to eat in washington dc in the summer due to a lack of proper sanitation/refrigeration.  he got sick, and 5 days later he died.  CRAZY!!!!

so shana had like 5 different cherry/alcohol infusions going on, and we tried many differnt options involving the cherry liqueur, seltzer water, and milk.  not gonna lie, the milk was pretty weird.  (aaaaaaaaaaand, I don’t really like cherries, but this was still fun).  by a landslide the best combo involved the cherry-infused brandy.  but I think we can all agree that the frozen version with vanilla ice cream was our favorite.

I love my friends.  and I love that we do crazy stuff like this.