I made a few little gifts for my hosts on my trip.  first, a few pot holders for scott and laura, out of some lark I had in my stash.  and grommets!  I got a grommet tool to help with the grommets, and it was NOT helpful.  any tips?  I did use 5 (FIVE!) layers of batting and one piece of canvas on the inside.  I’m hoping it makes them a little more heat-resistant.  I’ve never had much luck with insul-bright.

for stephanie’s girls, I made some library bags.  these were fun to make!  I practiced my applique skills with their names and found that my applique skills are still pretty lacking.  but the pocket for the library card just kills me.  so awesome.

and for addie, a craft smock out of this book.  (side note:  I really love that book.  everything I have made from it has turned out awesome.  I especially love the jewelry roll.  but it does have a few really stupid projects (see: spats and lots of ugly “dresses.”)) and once I got the pattern pieces cut out, it was SO FUN to make!  do you see the little pockets for crayons or colored pencils?  awesome.  but…..pattern pieces.  yeah.  I hate working with patterns.  they are so stupid and annoying.  why can’t everything be cut with a ruler???  one more side note, this fabric came from joann’s!  for real!  I sure hate going to joann’s, and I usually hate their fabric selection even more, but this stuff is pretty stinking cute.

all gifts were well received.  it feels good to make a handmade gift.