photo credit stephanie.

only in portland.  a brick wall covered in glitter.  I love it.  this was an obligatory voodoo doughnuts stop.  sometimes I forget that I love donuts!  but then, I eat one and I remember, I LOVE DONUTS.  it’s a good thing I run.  I did not try the maple bacon donut, not because it scares me, but because I am kind of picky about bacon.  like, I want it to be so crispy it melts in my mouth.  in fact, I would rather it be burnt black than have even a little bit of flimsy in it.  and I just don’t trust all these new bacon trends (donuts, ice cream) to have bacon that meets my standards.  but donuts!  donuts are good all the time.  my love for filled donuts is growing.  this is probably not a good thing.  I think my favorite donut was one that was some lemon raspberry business.  YES.  my love for lemon things is also growing, which is probably better than my love for filled donuts.  just yesterday I bought a lemon drop melon and it was delicious.  but….probably not as delicious as a donut.