photo credit stephanie.

look!  here is my happy friend stephanie!  and her not so happy daughter addie!  don’t worry, addie is much happier when she’s not in this picture.

this is on our way up beacon rock.  the view was pretty freakin incredible.

also, I need to give mad props to the pants I am wearing in this picture.  they are the most incredible pants in the history of pants.  these pants took me all over the country this summer, and I never wanted to take them off.  they took me up and down mountains, on bikes, boats, and runs, and they made my butt look good in the meantime.  thanks pants!  they were a gift from my dad and stepmom last christmas, and more pairs of them are pretty much the only thing I ever want for every christmas from now on.  seriously.  I would live in running tights it if were socially acceptable, so I am thankful to have a job where I get summer where nobody thinks you’re weird if you wear running tights.  now I need to find a way to have “tights tuesday” at school.