I felt very accomplished at the end of this day.  let me tell you why.

so, after my lunch (& soda & ice cream), I had a little more than two hours before I need to get to the pier to catch the ferry back to anacortes.  so I walked around town and found a bike rental place, and rented a bike.  the nice guy at the rental place set me up with everything I needed, including a map and a few different routes around the island I could do in my two hours.  well let me tell you, this guy had WAY more confidence in my biking skillz than he should have.  because my biking skillz are zero.  well, not zero, I can usually not fall off, if that is a skill.  (as discussed here, I think riding a bike is pretty difficult.)  and let me tell you, san juan island is not a place for novice bike riders.  it is hecka hilly.  like HECKA*.  not half a mile in, I found myself riding up a hill that was so steep, I thought that maybe the bike was going to stop because I was pedaling so slow.  and the hill didn’t look that big.  (I did ride down it on the way back, and felt much better about myself because I was going a million miles an hour downhill because it was so steep).  partway through, I got to a road the guy had told me to turn onto, and….it wasn’t paved.  it was just dirt and gravel.  and as I said before, I have no skillz.  it seemed like a bad plan to do something plausibly unsafe when I was three or four miles from town on an island far from home.  so I turned around and went back the way I came, stopping frequently to check the map for new routes I could explore.  and the hills!!!  the hills were never ending!!  I thought I was going to die.  so anyway, after awhile, I was heading generally back towards town, and as I turned onto the road I had come out on, I thought “oh, maybe that road I was on curves around and takes me back to town too.”  so I put on the brakes to stop and look at the map, and half a second later, a GIANT DEER (like huge, it had lots of points on its antlers) comes barreling out of the woods like 2 feet in front of my bike.  like I could have touched it.  also, as in RIGHT WHERE I WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I HAD NOT STOPPED.  oh my goodness.  you guys.  I almost got ran over by a deer, and I almost peed my pants.  it was so scary.  who knew!  deer!  I mean, they are not nearly as scary as horses, but still.

I made it back to town, returned the bike (sorry, nice bike man, about all the sweat all over it, at least I didn’t pee on it when I almost got run over by a deer).  I caught the ferry, and sat on the deck on the ride back, feeling the cold wind in my face, and not even caring that I was freezing.  (also?  freezing felt good compared to the heat we had when I was at home).  it was a great, great day.  dear pacific northwest, can you please come to the midwest?

*so, when I plugged my garmin in when I got back, I learned that I gained almost as much elevation on this 10 mile bike ride as we did hiking two hours up mt. ranier.  so I felt like less of a sissy for having a hard time.