after I was done whale-watching (sad), I had the choice of booking it to the pier for the next ferry, or waiting until the 6:30 ferry and exploring the island some more.  DUH.  my choice was easy.  I walked around the little town and asked for recommendations (yelp helped too), and found a little pub with fish and chips.  YES!  fish and chips!  I ate a lot of two things on this trip: fish & chips, and fish tacos.  two of my favorite meals.  and they were excellent everywhere.  (side note: we really, really, really need taco del mar in the midwest.  I know that nobody shares my opinion that chipotle isn’t all that awesome, but SERIOUSLY!  taco del mar has fish!  and sauce!  non-spicy sauce that isn’t just pico de gallo!  and it’s cheap!  and DELICIOUS! get with the program.)  (extra side note!  so according to their website they have one in the middle of nowhere nebraska?  but not in kc? NOT COOL!!!)  anyway.  I barely looked at the menu and ordered the fish and chips, and also ordered a dry soda.  umm…..DELICIOUS.  it was perfect.  I ordered the cucumber, but I wanted to try every single other flavor, like lavender, or vanilla bean.  according to their website they don’t sell it anywhere near kc, but I can order it online.  I need to get some bonus dollars to feed this interest.

ps–the fish & chips were delicious, AND, there was an ice cream place across the street that had like 110 flavors.  you know that was in order too.

up next: bicycle adventures!