after almost a week in seattle, I took a two-day trip up to the san juan islands.  I knew I wanted to go up to this area, but I debated between lots of different locations, including vancouver and victoria, and finally followed laura’s advice to spend time in the san juans.  OH.  oh.  it was beautiful.  so beautiful!  and the weather was everything I could have hoped for.  cool and foggy with some sun mixed in.  on monday morning, I left seattle in a rental car (ford focus = TOO MANY BUTTONS.  this was very stressful.  there were like 8 different screens and 200 buttons and I was so confused.  all I wanted to do was listen to my ipod.  and steer.  ford fail.) and drove up to anacortes, where I caught the ferry to friday harbor.  aaaaaand, this was my view.  oh man.  the strait of juan de fuca would have stolen my heart if puget sound hadn’t done that already.