so…..sorry this is totally inappropriate.  one of the other super fun things I did with scott & laura was play pub trivia.  we had a team with the three of us and two of their other friends, and it was SO. FUN.  how have I never done this?  it was right up my alley.  good food and good friends and trivia?  and a place with cider on tap?  YES.  our team did fairly well, almost well enough to win back some of our entry fee 🙂  our strongest showing was in a ridiculous category involving “army slang from WWII.”  there were…..maybe 15? different terms we had to match up with meanings, and we were confident about zero of them.  one of their other friends had an idea for one of them, but he wasn’t super sure, and that was it.  we were pretty much clueless.  so we talked about them, and made ridiculous conjectures, and moved them around until we were happy.  aaaaaaaaaand…….we got them ALL RIGHT.  all of them.  it was very shocking.  and awesome and hilarious.  in general, this was a great time had by all and I need to find places in kc that do this.  or just go back to seattle all the time.