aside from airports, in general I love flying.  I love getting to see where I am, and where I’ve been, and how the landscape changes.  I can easily say that flying over puget sound into seattle was one of my top life experiences.  this was the view out my window.  I would pay extra for the window seat.  this here is mt. rainier, which I would see again, on a sunnier day.  to the left of here you could also see mt. st. helens and mt. adams.  it is really pretty crazy to see mountains sticking out over the clouds.  also?  this was one of my only cloudy days in seattle, which was somewhat of a disappointment.  I mean, I’m not complaining about the cooler temps.  but it was sunny and warm almost every day!  people kept saying “oh, you are so lucky with this weather while you’re here!”  and I wanted to be like “NO!  I came here for the cloudy and rainy!  I didn’t want sunny and warm!”  but seriously.  on this day, it was cloudy, and the clouds broke just as we got over puget sound to circle back.  and it stole my heart.