so…I jumped on the crazy train and signed up to run the color run when it came to kc.  it was humongous…. it sold out way early on, and then a while back they decided to open up a second day so we were able to get in.  there were SO. MANY. PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

here we are before the race:

sharon and me

me and jessica

aaaaand….after the race.  omg.  so fun.  sharon and I ran together.  “ran” may be a stretch.  here is my one complaint: they really needed to have some sort of system to keep runners and walkers separate.  it was just a fun run and not even timed, but it was super annoying to have to spend the entire time weaving in and out if you were actually running.  I would say that probably 80% of the people we saw (and passed) were walking.  it would have been nice if they had had the walkers start in later heats (there were like 20 heats, it wouldn’t have been hard), or at least tell them to keep right or something.  it takes a lot more mental energy to have to figure out a strategy to get through a pack of walkers (or random people stopping to take pictures).  other than that it was pretty much the most fun run in the whole world.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone (obviously, you don’t have to actually run), and I think it was worth the extra $$$.  it was a pretty spendy race, but I’m excited that it raised so much for the ronald mcdonald house, something I really love.  and I loved getting to run with sharon.  she is one of my favorite friends.

here I am with jessica.  when we were first best friends in 3rd grade, I don’t think we would have imagined this 22 years later.

here is our whole team.  Room For Improvement.

here are my shoes!  they are clean now after a nice trip through the washing machine.

every 15 minutes at the finish they do another big color throw and it’s pretty crazy.  you can see my hands in this picture!

we got cleaned up as best we could afterwards, and then went and had breakfast at panera.  thankfully there were tons of other color runners there too, so we weren’t the only crazy looking ones.  it took me quite a long shower to recover, and even with a lot of scrubbing the pink and purple didn’t totally come out of my armpits on the first wash.  so it just looked like I had crazy bruises in my armpits.  totally normal.

are you running the color run anytime soon?  they are having them in lots of other cities, and I’m sure they’ll be back next year.  here is my advice.
1.  register early, and pick up your packets early and have a good plan for that.  it is totally bonkers.
2.  get there super early to park.  this may depend on your location, but arrowhead is not exactly a speedy place to get into.  we got lucky that we made a wrong turn and ended up coming in from the opposite direction of everyone else.  buuuut….the start time isn’t super strict at all, so don’t stress out if you’re late.  the heats started every five minutes for an hour, there were still people starting when we were finishing.  and it’s just stand in whatever heat you want–it wasn’t by numbers or anything.
3.  you really don’t need music.  I am a runner that needs music, but this one was plenty fun without it.
4.  if you really want to run, get there SUPER early and get in the earliest heat possible.
5.  don’t have a time goal, just go out to have fun.  if you have a time goal you’lll just get frustrated.  know going in that you’re just in it for a good time.
6.  bring lots of towels to stick in the car, and flip flops and probably a new shirt to change into.  wet wipes would have been nice too!
7.  don’t wear white shorts!!!  the color sticks a lot more to places where you are sweaty.  and news flash, your crotch gets pretty sweaty when you run (or even if you’re walking) in the heat.  so if you wear white shorts it will look like you peed color all over your crotch and it’s weird.  black was a better choice.
8.  the more fitted your clothes are the better.  the looser they are, the more random spots there are for the color powder to get between you and your clothes or into awkward places.
9.  the whole thing where they suggest putting leave-in conditioner in your hair?  this is a good plan.
10.  drink enough before you run that you don’t have to stop at the aid stations because they are bananas.  not actual bananas, I might have actually stopped for an actual banana.

in summary, this was such a good time and I will totally put it on the calendar again next year.  if you’re new to running, it’s a fun way for running to suck less, and if you’re not, it’s a nice change of scenery and environment.   win win for everyone.