(I am in fact still up in the pac nw! and never leaving.  it is so wonderful up here.  I will share more when all my crazy travels are over!)

current top 5 running jams:

1.  the fighter by the gym class heroes ft. ryan tedder.  super fun and good for pushing on.

2.  runaway baby by bruno mars.  (no good video on the youtubes.  the dancing is fun to watch on the grammy’s one though!.  more normal version here, but less fun to watch).  I am very conflicted on bruno mars.  I really dislike some of his songs, but the ones I do like I REALLY love.  like this one.  I think it’s reminiscent of the temptations (my homies) and I love that.

3.  as long as you love me by justin bieber ft. big sean (NOT the bsb…whatev).  so this song is pretty awful, but we all know I have bad taste and no shame, so I’ll admit this one.  it’s pretty great for running, it’s got a good beat and it’s fun.  and there’s a part in the middle where the beat kind of picks up and goes a little crazy, and it’s a fun encouragement to speed up a little and run fun.

4.  anything by maroon 5, especially this one and this one.  why are the videos SO WEIRD????  oh man.  adam levine = BABE.  good grief he’s attractive.  payphone gets me because you know how I love wiz khalifa (what?  oops), but I have a question about one more night….  so, are guys really into lipstick?  I mean, “I try to tell you stop, but your lipstick’s got me so out of breath”….really?  is this why I am still single?  because I don’t wear lipstick?  these are the questions I have when I’m listening to this song.

5.  paradise by coldplay.  this is also probably my favorite song in general right now.  (but again, WEIRD VIDEO!!!  what in the heck.)  when this song comes on when I’m in the car, I turn it up even louder than it already is (I listen to my music pretty loud in general in the car).  I thought maybe I’d be tired of this song by now….NOPE.  it’s just as good every time.

other random thoughts:

1.  I am all of a sudden addicted to starbucks via refreshers.  YOU GUYS.  these things are the s***.  so, so good.  both flavors.  I’ve almost gone through an entire package of each in the past three or four days.  I haven’t tried the kinds from the can yet.  they need to sell this in bulk or I might go broke feeding this new habit.

2.  I have been super active this summer.  it’s been good.  all of my trips so far have involved a lot of outside and fresh air and miles.  but I’m kind of glad my next trip will be to visit a pregnant friend where we will be much less active 🙂  I am trying hard to avoid running injuries, but it is a challenge.  I think some of the cross training has been good.  biking is not easy though, especially on hills.  I am out of practice.  and kayaking is really fun but also very difficult.  I do need to find more things to do when I am at home, because I do think doing other stuff is helping me to avoid injury.

3.  so I am still reading freaking birdsong.  I’m halfway through and I DO NOT LIKE THIS BOOK!  it is so boring.  I don’t really care about the characters.  and I am sad that I don’t really want to read it and can’t move on.  I really should just stop and not finish it…but…man!  I am not one to not finish books, even if they are bad.  does anyone else have this problem?  not being able to give up on a book you don’t like?  is it just me?  I really wanted to like this book.  nope.  I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.  I’m hoping to find a better replacement at powell’s.

4.  speaking of reading, I am also reading this book and IT IS SO GOOD.  I want to read every chapter five times.  so much good stuff packed into each little page.  I need to hear what he is saying and put it to use.  I was SHOCKED when I saw that it was written in 1980!  it really seems like it was written yesterday for 2012.  people, get on this.  he is a great author and it’s easy reading.  you won’t be sorry.

5.  olympics!!!!!  I am so excited.  track is definitely my favorite, followed by diving and swimming.  but track for sure, especially ashton eaton and lopez lomong.  have you seen ashton eaton compete?!?!? he is SO. FUN. to watch.  the decathlon is my new favorite event.  setting records and taking names.  also…lopez lomong is just an incredible story all around.  I have had so many students like him and I just can’t help but pull for him with everything I’ve got.

peace out.  summer 2012, you are the best.