there are many small people in my life that I love.  here are a few of them.

effy!!!!  being an aunt is the greatest.   

apparently I only make crazy excited faces when I’m with her.

sometimes we go on dates to the park.

or go out to lunch when I’ve had a bad day at the dentist and need cheering up.

then there’s junebug.  she was a good sport riding so many hours to breck, especially when the a/c went out.  I love that she knows me, and knows my name.  I’m so glad that she and jami came with us, and I’m so glad that james was gracious in letting them come.  I couldn’t imagine going to colorado without jami.  junebug was a good addition to our group.  my absolute favorite thing that happened with her on this trip was that she gave doug a nickname.  apparently to her, his name is rock.  love it.

I’ve learned that there are so many things to be thankful for in being single, and so many things I can do as a single girl.  and one of those things is to help out the people in my life that have more responsibilities than I do.  so I love sharing the work load, of jumping in and being a part of their lives.

aaaaaaaaaaand….have I mentioned how much I love teaching sunday school?  I have the best, and funniest kids.  4-5-6 is the best age ever for sunday school.  these kids wear me out each week, they teach me how to love, and they worship with everything they have.  this picture is from a week of celebrate and remember.  celebrate and remember is my favorite week ever, and it gives me hope that we’re teaching them about the story that they are a part of, not just the sunday school answers and crafts.  I love how their favorite thing to do is “praise dance”, where we dance around, and when I pause the music, I point to a kid and they say something they’re thankful for.  I love how they want to be the first ones to practice the memory verse, and how they interact with kids that are different than them, and help each other out and hold each other’s hands.  I love that they get excited for new kids.  I love that when we have new kids, and we sing “ready set go”, that during the line that says “let’s all grab a buddy” they go find the new kid and link arms with them.  I pretty much love everything thing about these kids.