so……I turned 30.  and it was pretty incredible.  everyone’s birthday parties should be five days long in the mountains.  I am so crazy thankful for my awesome friends, and that they gave up vacation time to go with me.  it really was pretty much the best trip ever.  here it is via instagram.  doug has a lot of better quality photos here.  can you believe that I took my nice camera and only took pictures with it once?  I decided I really just wanted to experience it and live it as it happened, and it was easier to do that with instagram.  so here we go.

six bottles of two buck chuck.  muy importante.

this was OUR BACKYARD.  this cabin was bananas.  incredible.

you know I love my sky and clouds and flare pictures.

this is me all “hope you’re having fun in ks where’s it’s 100 degrees, bitchez!”

bffs.  as you can see, june was really thrilled about hiking.

oh hey!

we rode the gondola up vail and it was totes worth the spendy cash money.  I would probably do it every single day.  I kind of wanted to play mini-golf too, but we had already done a lot that day, and there were lots of other things to do at the top.  like, marvel at nature.  and all the different things we have been given.  and how awesome and creative God is.  we pretty much just stood at the top looking at the view for like an hour.  have you noticed that I don’t really have any pictures of mountains?  you just can’t get them in pictures.  in real life, you’re like “this is incredible!  the most amazing view I’ve ever seen!” and then you take a picture, and look at it, and it looks so…ordinary.  like every other picture you’ve ever seen of a mountain.  but I will have those pictures and memories in my head forever.

there was a lot of actual stuff to do at the top also, like slacklining!  um, I really wish I was good at this.  it seems like a fun hobby.  look!  here’s me!

oh wait, am I tired of these shots?  NO.

hands down my favorite thing we did was biking the vail pass.  I would put it in my top 5 life experiences.  also?  the whole “it’s just like riding a bike!” thing?  I kind of think that’s crap. I hadn’t ridden a bike in like ten years (I really wish that weren’t the case, I really wish I could keep my bike at our apartment and that we were a more bike-friendly town), and……I felt very non-skilled.  the only skill I possessed in riding a bike was not falling off.  I no longer possess the skill of turning quickly (or even slowly, really) or stopping quickly.  but that’s okay!  it was 14 miles downhill, and pretty much the most beautiful scenery EVER.  we stopped many, many times to do other hiking or sightseeing along the way.  here is a photo from one of our side adventures.

we played disc golf in frisco, and it was great.  sometimes I get easily frustrated when I am not good at disc golf.  michael was very patient with me in trying to help, and I need to work on MY patience with myself.  but I really love disc golf, even when I’m not very good at it.  it was a very dusty course in frisco, it seemed very lion king sienna like to me.  I mean, there were trees, but it was SO dry and dusty and we were all covered in it by the end.

I don’t think you’ve ever met anyone more excited than me to turn 30.  it was the greatest birthday ever, and I love my friends.  they decorated the cabin the night before, and baked me a cake, and sang, and I would have cried if I hadn’t been smiling so much.  we played lots of games of rummy, pandemic, rack-o, and we watched the majority of season 2 of downton abbey.  can I tell you how much joy it brings me that my friends are just as obsessed with it as I am?  I’ve seen all of season 2 at least 3 times now, but I still watch that youtube video all the time because I love it so much.  m+m.  it was cold every night, and we decided that one of us really needs to have a hot tub because it was the greatest thing ever.  and it was even greater the colder it got.  oh, it was heaven.

these are the only pictures I took with my nice camera.  you can’t see the hot tub behind us.  I love these people.

apparently junebug does not understand “serious picture” vs. “funny picture.”  come on jb.  get with the program.

the day I got back, being an adult smacked me in the face with carmageddon 2012, and root canal disaster 2012.  so I’m glad I was able to start 30 off with a bang, and I think I had enough joy leftover from this trip to last me….I don’t know….FOREVER.  30?  I’ll take you any day.  every year just keeps getting better and better.

also?  pray for colorado.  for relief, for support, for new life.