so….30 is here!  my birthday was monday, and it was THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.  by a landslide.  I have a few pictures to share from our incredible colorado trip, but I think it would be better if I cleaned up my 30 before 30 list.  I accomplished about half the things on my list, but I’m not going to get upset that I didn’t get more done–it gives me something to do in the future!  I will have separate posts for the last quilts (2 more quilts!  exceeded my goal!), but here is the smaller stuff I haven’t written about:

7.  lose 5 pounds.  just 5.  I’m going to call this good.  my weight fluctuates a lot all the time, but the number it is around is about 5 pounds lower than it was.  this is hard because of my headache medicine (I think I’ve mentioned that before), but I’ve been trying really hard to pay more attention to how much I’m eating.  I’m pretty good at eating healthful stuff, I just eat WAY too much of it.  so I’m getting better at it.  serious running season is gearing up, which might actually make it tougher because when I’m running all the time I’m hungry all the time.  speaking of running, I still want to run a marathon this year.  I have my sights at least set on the kc half, with a full hopefully a few months behind it, I’m thinking maybe december.

8.  grow fresh herbs.  DONE!  I bought some cute little planters to hang on our porch and have been trying to keep them alive.  so far everything is doing good except for one of the mint plants.  I planted four mint plants, one lemon thyme, one purple basil, and two kinds of lavender.  I plan on making a lot of mojitos this summer!  and pasta stuff with herbs.  I’m hoping to dry the lavender to use for filling things like pincushions and scrap bags (since I didn’t yet make myself a better scrap bag–#30).  our porch is pretty much the cutest porch at the homestead right now.

19.  babysit for babies.  I have done this a bunch of times now, both for junebug and for effy (and also for a few older girls a few times).  I love hanging out with babies and get excited to build relationships with them as they get older.  I love my sunday school kids, and I can’t wait to interact with the babies in my life the same way.  here is a picture I took of effy on our date to the park last week.  she’s pretty great.

21.  (learn to use my camera properly).  this is done and not done at the same time.  I took a workshop a few weeks ago, and it turned out to be way below my skill level.  I guess it showed me that I know more than I think I do, but really, I don’t know how to put it all together anymore, and I don’t practice enough.  I used to know TONS about photography back in high school, when I shot a lot of my dad’s old film camera, and while most of the general knowledge is still there (like knowing what aperture, shutter speed, and ISO are), I have really forgotten how to put it to use and take good shots.  so I am not much better than I was before.  I took my camera with me to colorado, but ended up not using it since 1, the battery was almost dead and I forgot to bring the charger, and 2. landscape pictures of things like mountains are just not that great.  you can be standing there, looking around, thinking “this is amazing!  it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!” and then you take a picture, and look at the screen, and think “oh.  this picture looks like every picture I’ve ever seen of a mountain and doesn’t look that impressive.”  not really worth it.  so really, I need to practice more to get anywhere.  the workshop did, however, get me a couple of tips in regards to shooting my quilts, and how to use the flash outside better.  so at least that helps.

26.  (clean up my inbox once a month).  well, I definitely didn’t do it once a month, but often enough that it’s under control and not at like 600 emails.

29.  only buy clothes that are flattering.  I think I can say I accomplished this one!  it was hard, and there were a few things I had to return after realizing I can do better, but I’m definitely getting better at this.  I know it seems ridiculous to buy things that aren’t flattering, but it can be so hard sometimes when your body is not built like a model’s!  I’m not saying I hate my body, but some things are made for people with different body types, and we need to at least be aware of that so we can make better decisions.

so……that leaves a bunch of things still to do.  ON IT.

(up next: quilts!)