and I have never been more glad.

this year was hard.  I don’t know why it felt especially hard, but it was.  it might have been because of the class from hell I had last fall, or the one hour of algebra 2 I didn’t like teaching.  I don’t know what it was, but it was hard.

I still loved (and love) my job, and I still know that it is where I belong.  and I am so thankful for the break we get each summer, to renew, to get some balance, and to reset before beginning again.  and I will choose to be thankful.

thankful for kids like this:

who bring me things like this:

this was the first teacher appreciation gift I have ever gotten in eight years, and it made the hard year worth it.

this summer, my plans are:

–run at least 150 miles
–help rewrite some curriculum and try not to punch anyone in the process
–try to remember to stay hydrated when I’m not teaching
–turn 30 in the mountains
–take in the glory (and the cooler temps) of the pac nw
–see some very, very good people in the pac nw
–get some sleep
–go to the pool
–trust that God is bigger than dental misfortunes
–read James
–start on a gigantic quilt project

how about you?  I am pretty excited.