so I went to socal last week.  it was pretty freakin spectacular in every way.  I went for a tru conference, and in case you don’t know already, I LOVE TRU.  it is awesome.  it is the curriculum we use for sunday school and it is really very excellent.  and the conference was so…..non-conferency.  like the worship was actually good and not just a rock concert, I didn’t find myself wanting to get up and get a drink or walk around, it was fairly small (as far as conferences go, there were probably like 300 or 400 people total), and everything was useful and kept my interest.  and I have lots of ideas now of things I want to do.  I even got Matt (who is in the videos we use for worship each week) to let me record a video of him on my phone to take greetings back to my kids and let me tell you, they couldn’t even believe it and they freaked out.  here is our experience in instagram.  (there was an instagram contest with lots of categories, and when they told us about it I turned to my group and said I WILL WIN and I that is exactly what I did.  I won two categories and won some books and a t-shirt!  there were lots of funny jokes about instagram throughout the conference and my favorite was that filters make everything more spiritual.  there is something pretty awesome about making jokes about things being more spiritual.)

mostly, I was excited that this was our scenery.  I am just about done with school and let me tell you that I am DONE WITH SCHOOL.  over it.  so it was nice to be somewhere where I didn’t have to think about it. I was pretty close to giving some of my students the finger, and that sounds like a good way to get fired, so I was happy that I was able to step away for a little bit and take a breather.  I know that sounds terrible to anyone with a job that has to work all year, but these last few weeks are a really tough push.  I love my job more than anything, but I would get burnt out pretty fast if I didn’t get some balance.  (this photo won for best artsy photo).

WE WENT TO THE BEACH!!!  I love the beach.  it was really lovely.

this one might be my favorite.

this is my other winner for the category of taking a picture of someone taking a picture of someone taking a picture.  another category was a photo with new friends, so this shows both of those things.  it’s not a great picture, but these are my new friends from austraila and I really like them.  they were pretty awesome and it was fun to hang out with them.  side note:  australians don’t know what chili is.  also?  it is much harder to explain chili than you would think it is.  also?  in general we ate really well in socal.  there is nothing I love more than sharing a good meal with good friends.

this is me and my friend cindy.  we were kind of pushy about wanting some sushi.  TOTES WORTH IT.  best sushi of my life, duh.

I was also kind of pushy about making it here, because COME ON I LOVE CHEESEBURGERS.  also totes worth it.

getting home was kind of a mess because there was bad weather in dallas. we ended up getting so delayed at dfw that our flight didn’t leave until after midnight.  the flight from oc to dfw was particularly bad, because it was FREEZING for the first half (like so freezing the big huge guy next to me was complaining too), it took 4 hours instead of the normal 2, and the (ADULT GROWN UP) man behind me was kicking my seat the whole time.  but, even with all that, I will never get tired of the window seat.  no matter how many times I fly, I never get tired of looking out the window.  especially at cities, especially at night.  or during incredible sunsets.  worth it.