so….as promised, I will tell you how the various oatmeal stuffs turned out.

in a nutshell?  not good.  here is my summary:

1.  overnight oatmeal:  I ate the apple cinnamon for breakfast on monday.  it was fine while I was eating it, and it kept me SUPER full all morning (something that never, ever happens with anything else), but…….every time I thought about the cold oatmeal I got really grossed out.  does that ever happen to you?  something is fine when you are eating it, but then thinking about eating it sounds gross?  just me?  so the next day when I tried to eat the other kind I was just too grossed out at the thought of cold oatmeal to stomach it.  so, this is not something I think I will be doing again, but I think I am going to make an effort to eat more oatmeal (just hot like normal, not cold).  usually I don’t go for oatmeal because I always want more than one packet (yes packet, they have some good healthier ones now that come in tall pouches that will measure the water too), but I think if I did go ahead and eat two packets, it would be okay, because it would keep me full enough to not want to go in search of candy by 3rd hour (and extra oatmeal calories is probably way better for me than the junk food calories I’d go looking for later).

2.  oatmeal smoothies:  I have nothing good to say about these.  the texture was pretty offensive and I couldn’t stand to drink more than one sip.  I love smoothies, but to me these were more like slime or slop than what I think of as a smoothie.  a few weeks ago in sunday school I was telling the kids about the prodigal son and how he ate the pig’s slop, and these smoothies seemed just like what I always imagined “slop” would look like.  gross.  I have no desire to eat something that I might associate with slop.  I’ll stick to smoothies that get their texture from frozen fruit or ice.

so….sorry.  no glowing reviews here today.  stick with the coconut limeade!!

ps–side note:  I do think the chia seeds added to the oatmeal helped with the staying full aspect, so I might add those to hot oatmeal as a boost (plus I still have a ton since I had to buy them in a bag).  also, I am very excited about the powdered peanut butter, and maybe using it with my standby peanut butter chocolate banana shake that’s my all time favorite.  that’s my favorite flavor combination, so it will be nice that it won’t be so calorie-spendy when I enjoy it (which is….all the time).  I don’t think I would want to use it to like….make a sandwich or something (the label says you can mix it with water and that sounds a little sketch to me)….but I think it is super suited to something like a smoothie (or baking/cooking).  over and out.