so…pinterest.  honestly, I don’t get it.  I mean, I get it, but….it has no power over me.  which is strange, because it seems like something that is SO up my alley that would suck me in for hours.  and I read about how it does that to pretty much everyone ever, and how it takes up all their time, and makes them feel inadequate, and inspires them, and blah blah blah.  I mean, it’s a great idea and all, but I spend maybe ten minutes a week looking through it and that’s it.  and if this is you, I’m sorry, but if I see one more stupid picture of a little kid’s birthday party with little labels on the cupcakes and flag bunting on the wall and fancy kool-aid in mason jars wrapped in burlap….let me tell you.  I mean, seriously.  to me, that is not something I aspire to.  I digress.  I think that I have mostly pinned food stuff and quilts.  (sorry for the rant.  I waste plenty of time doing nothing so I am not one to judge you if you feel like cupcake labels are the greatest).  (BUT SRSLY, COME ON).

and this weekend?  kind of on accident, I made like four things I had pinned on pinterest.  it wasn’t like my goal or anything, and it was actually a really busy weekend, but I did a little cooking and it was all from pinterest.  I will report on two of the things and get back to you on the other two.

also, disclaimer, I did not take a single photo of either of these.  pictures link to original source.  

first:  mini chicken pot pies.

I assure you that mine were not nearly this pretty.  but they were very, very tasty, and tonight they reheated pretty well.  I did reheat them in the oven, so we’ll see how it goes on the microwave train tomorrow.  I used plain buttermilk biscuits, the little wimpy ones, so they didn’t go up so high on the sides.  but they were fine and not too crazy overflowing.  as per my usual, I did not measure anything, so I used WAY too much chicken and WAY too many veggies.  so I had a ton of filling left over.  lesson learned.  (well…as in, I’ll know not to use so much next time, not as in I’ll start measuring).  my favorite thing about this was that I was smart and only used veggies I love.  chicken pot pie was my favorite meal at the derb, but somehow I always ended up with the one with the most carrots and green beans (ugh).  so it was nice to use peas, corn and broccoli.  I also used cream of chicken soup with herbs, YUM.  so this is not exactly a meal of real food, but it was pretty easy and satisfying and not super high in calories.  I may count this as one of my new standbys.  we’ll see.  I would totally recommend this.  I think it would be great for kids too.  or…picky eaters in general.

next….HUGE SUCCESS!!!!!
with….limonada de coco!  (coconut limeade)

so…this looked pretty delicious, but I was pretty unfamiliar with cream of coconut.  coconut is not my favorite thing in the whole world–I enjoy it sometimes, in some foods, but not always.  I do, however, love the smell, and it’s pretty easy to claim coconut lime verbena as my favorite smell from bath and body works.  I wanted to try this…so I looked at the store and it took me FOREVER to find the cream of coconut.  heads up to you, it’s by the drink mixers (like for margaritas or bloody marys) and it is DEFINITELY not the same as coconut milk.  it came in a can, or in a squeeze bottle, and I (very wisely, I learned later) chose the squeeze bottle (hy-vee had this kind, way cheaper than amazon).  so when I get home and check out this bottle, I’m like “this is SUPER heavy.  what the heck is in here?”  so I check it out, and the recipe calls for ONE CUP of this stuff.  I check out the nutrition info, and find out that the serving size is 2 oz, which is 1/4 cup.  AAAAAnd, in that 2 oz, there are 267 calories.  ummmm….WHAT IN THE FREAKIN HECK.  I do not want a drink, no matter how refreshing, that costs me more than a thousand calories.  so, I decided to try changing it based on what I had on hand, and seeing how it worked out, and OH MAN.  I hit the jackpot.  you guys.  this is SO. GOOD.  for real.  it was such a treat and it was so tasty and fantastic.  bobby and lindsey showed up ten minutes later and I made them some and they agreed.  delicious.  we all agreed that it had plenty of coconut flavor, even with using so much less cream of coconut.  although none of us are huge coconut fans anyway, so maybe you would disagree.

so…here is what I did to change it (and lose about 800 calories–this one should be less than 200):

about 1 cup vanilla almond milk, (or more)
one or two tablespoons cream of coconut (which is why you want the squeeze bottle and not the can…save it for next time)
about 2 tablespoons lime juice (which would probably be better fresh, sorry I was lazy today)
if you need it sweeter add some sugar or truvia or agave or something.

mix it up with a shaker and ice, OR, if you have a magic bullet or a blender, blend it in there with a few ice cubes to make it all nice and cold.

grab a straw and enjoy your summer.

next up:  overnight oatmeal and oatmeal smoothies.  in the fridge now!  look for opinions soon.