Dear Parents.

Here are some things I would like you to know.

1.  Your kid is pretty amazing.  You wouldn’t believe some of the things they can do.  Know them, and give yourself an opportunity to see these things.

2.  Guess what!  Outside of school, grades don’t matter much.

3.  Good people who have good lives, good jobs, and are happy in general, didn’t all get straight As.

4.  Your child is not a failure if they get a C on a test.

5.  It is important that your child tries hard, but their best may not be perfect, and that’s okay.

6.  If you tell me to “LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY IF HER GRADE DROPS BELOW A 95%”, I am totally judging you as a bad parent.  Sorry.  I have seen the effect this has on your child.

7.  I didn’t usually have an A in math, and I am a math teacher.  I have struggled with math more than I have succeeded, and I am still good at what I do.

8.  Trying to get your child to take pre-algebra as a 6th grader is completely unnecessary and causes more harm than good.  Not every 10th grader’s brain is developed enough to be ready for calculus.  And if you do push them into that early program, don’t get mad when they are crazy stressed out four years later, or can’t make 100% on every assignment or test.

9.  Social skills are more important than aptitude.  Especially in real life.

10.  Fight the urge to compare your kid to other students.  Help them find their strengths and their passions and encourage them, instead of asking why they weren’t as good at that one thing as that one other kid.

Your awesome kid’s teacher.