and with this, goal 5. read 10 books is accomplished.  yes!

so this book.  it came highly recommended from my friend tommy (or timmy, as my iphone likes to say).  and I think my expectations were too high.

I did like this book.  my only issue was that it was a little too slow.  it jumped around a lot, and while sometimes that is a good thing, it was a little confusing.  overall I would give this book a B+.  I loved all the architecture, but not as much as I wanted to because I think I wanted more pictures.  I think I need to investigate the world’s fair of 1893 a little on my own.  I wish I could go and see the exposition…walk around and see all the buildings.  I had a hard time picturing them in my mind.  also?  I love chicago.  it is such a great city.  I love big cities in general.  so it was pretty great to read about it some more.  and it was crazy to read about hh holmes.  what in the heck.  why did he kill all those people?  I think my favorite thing to read/learn about was the ferris wheel.  even though ferris wheels are my #2 biggest fear, it was so fascinating to learn about the first one.  honestly I think I wouldn’t have been as stressed out by that one–the cars were all enclosed.  my main fear with ferris wheels is the lack of restriction–I feel as if you could fall out really easily–so I don’t think it would have been as scary in an enclosed car.  did you know that, at the time, it was taller than every skyscraper in chicago???  this is insane to me.  I mean, buildings are a lot taller now than they were in 1893, but to think of a ferris wheel that was taller than every building so far just blows my mind.  and that nothing like it had ever been built–it was based on just what the builders and engineers knew thus far about the properties of steel.  this just blows my mind.  even as a math teacher, who has confidence in calculations, I feel like I would never be confident enough to say “my calculations are correct, so this crazy dangerous thing will most certainly be a success.”  (also, I mean, I make a lot of mistakes.  like a lot.  I can’t even cut fabric in a straight line with my ruler & rotary cutter half the time, and I make ridiculous math mistakes in front of my students all the time, so I would not be the person for this job anyway).

but, I did like the book in general.  I just really, really wanted to LOVE it.

up next:  30 for 30 book rankings!  and movie commentary.  stay tuned.