I am having a hard time being inspired lately.  I have some quilt pictures to post once I get them taken.  but I need a place to start…so I will start with instagram.  oh instagram.  how I love you.  I don’t care how trendy you are, you make me feel like the little things in my life are worth remembering.  so here is a plethora of recent photos off my phone.

a few weeks ago we had crafts and drafts and I made this little necklace hanger.  I pretty much love it.  my room is a disaster right now and it makes me happy to see some order.

we ate lunch at foo’s a few weeks ago after church and the guy working let us each sample one of the christopher elbow chocolates.  it was a great day.

for my mom’s and grandma’s birthdays I got them a bunch of novelty stuff at tj’s.  the next week for family dinner we had a tasting party and it was so fun.  the dried oranges were my favorite.  also, my stepmom is correct when she refers to the chocolate covered edamame as crack.

I really love these girls.  we were dressed alike for twin day (hey, we like each other and wanted to include all of us) for spirit week.  I feel like this top was pretty fashion forward and it was a weird step for me to take to wear something with these crazy sleeves.  but all of us got so many compliments.  win.

the great day cafe has really become my favorite place in all of kc.  greg and sandy are so great and the food is great and the atmosphere can’t be beat.  and I’m also starting to think that downtown op is pretty much the greatest block in town.

this little girl is light of my life right now (and really, her parents too, I like them).  I am so thankful we live nearby and I get to see her all the time.

even though it was only 20 points, I felt like such a winner for playing such a relevant word,

on the same day that jami and chad and I went to go see titanic in 3d.  it was so incredible.  I don’t care how cheesy it is, I really do love that movie.  and it was great to go see it with these two.  I really like the three of us.  we are a good trio.

my classes in general have been really fun lately.  I don’t know what it is about what we’re learning right now, but it’s been a good time.  and it was so hilarious that one of my nerdy students was wearing this shirt on a day when I was teaching my advanced kids about logarithms with different bases, and comparing the concept to binary numbers (something most of them have absolutely no concept of) (and to be honest their teacher doesn’t really understand them either)

lastly, my good friend beth moore came to town this week.  I like to think we are good friends.  she is such a wonderful speaker and teacher and she had so many encouraging things to say to me.  lindsey came with me and we had such a good time.  also, beth told a story about a kangaroo baby that made me laugh so hard I thought I might pee my pants.  also?  I feel like I look old in this picture.  I am getting pretty excited for my big birthday.  I hear the 30s are pretty great.  so maybe 30 is the new 30.