okay so here is my part 2.  happy friday peeps!

Here are the rules:

1.  Post the rules.
2.  Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things. (see here)
3.  Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4.  Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5.  Go to their blog/twitter/facebook and tell them that you’ve tagged them.

Questions from Michelle!

1. If you could only eat one type of cereal for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?  OH MAN this is hard!  I switch around on cereal all the time.  I might go with wheat chex.  my initial response was grape nuts, but that might be hard in the later parts of my life.  I also love reese’s puffs, and granola, and special k.

2. What is your favorite room in your house/apartment and why?  probably the living room because I spend all my time out here.  I love my purple furniture and we get lots of natural light since our apartment faces south.  I also love my bedroom when it is clean but I don’t spend nearly as much time there.  I also love the living room because it’s where I share life with my friends.
3. Quick!  Your home is on fire!  What 3 things do you grab?  my laptop, the quilt on my bed, and my favorite necklace.
4. What is some of the best advice you’ve ever received?  oh boy this is easy.  right after I graduated from college, I was getting ready to head up to minnesota for my last summer at camp. I was trying to decide if I should keep my applications in kansas active, because since the school calendars up there are super different than here, if I got a job here, I would need to leave camp a few weeks early.  I didn’t want to put jason (my partner on the island) in a bad place, so I asked him what he thought I should do.  he gave me this quote: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  that made my choice easy and I knew that teaching is what makes me come alive.  I feel like this advice still guides me even now.  thanks j.
5. Who do you think would play you in a movie?  hmmmm… I’m going to go with Jessica Brown Findlay.  because she’s gorgeous and I want to look like her.  and I think she could be snarky.  and because sybil wears pants!  she’s pretty progressive.
6. What is the last book you read and would you recommend it to a friend?  A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller and YES YES YES I would recommend it to a friend.  I recommend this book to everyone and their mom I love it so much.  I feel like it really changed my life and I need to read it like five more times.  I love Donald Miller so very much and I can really identify with him.  this book is SO GOOD people.  I am serious.  EVERYONE should read it.  you’ll thank me.
7. What is something you wish you were really good at?  running.  I wish I had natural talent and it came easy for me.
8. If you could receive a $500 gift card to any clothing store, where would you choose?  either nordstrom or loft.  probably loft because it would go farther there 🙂  I love shopping!!
9. What is a non-profit you are passionate about and what is their cause?  hmm….compassion international.  they are doing so much good in so many parts of the world and really have a vested interest in real change vs. being a band-aid.  I love that your commitment to a child is for their entire childhood.  OR, anything similar to kiva.  my trips to honduras convince me more and more that microbusiness like kiva supports are one of the best ways we can do good and make a change for people living in poverty.  they are a really great source of empowerment vs. handouts.
10. If you don’t mind, please share an embarrassing moment in your life…only because I love you and those stories are awesome.  oh man.  okay, so it’s my freshmen year of high school and I’m super sick and on some crazy cold medicine and my gym class is going bowling at the bowling alley.  I’m all drugged up on medicine and have a fever and probably shouldn’t be at school in general.  bowling gets over, and we’re putting our stuff away and I start to get REALLY confused.  I can’t really remember where I am or what I should be doing, but I look around and see people from my gym class taking off their shoes.  and I’m like “gym!  i’m in gym class!!  I need to put my gym clothes on!”  so I take off my shoes, and then…start to take off my pants.  once a friend told me to not take my pants off and I realized what I was was doing I pretty much wanted to die and couldn’t even talk about the incident for like 3 years it was so embarrassing.
11. Share one of your proudest moments.  these happen all the time at my job.  an easy one to pick out would be a girl that I had last year in my advanced class, who probably shouldn’t have been in the advanced class, but she came in for so much extra help and worked so hard, and now this year she is doing awesome and has so much confidence and has thanked me so many times for how I changed math for her.  that’s it.  that is exactly why I love my job.  also I am crazy proud at graduation every year. also, I just about lost it at our cross country banquet this year because I was so proud of our seniors.  we really have the best kids in the whole school and they are just great people and I am proud just to know them.  they do so many things every day that make me proud.
here are some people that I would love to hear from if you want to play along, or not.  sarastephbeccashannon,  wendielindseymelemily, and becca.  and here are the questions I want to ask.
1.  where is your favorite place you have ever lived?
2.  where is your least favorite place you have ever visited?
3.  do you wear a lot of makeup?
4.  what was your favorite class in school?
5.  what is your favorite mode of transportation?
6.  what are three foods you could do without?
7.  do you like men with facial hair?
8.  are you an early bird or a night owl?
9.  what is your favorite book?
10.  how much do you love where you went to college?  any regrets?
11.  do you like your name?  would you ever change it?