so it’s been awhile since I’ve done a friday top 5.  I have lots of top 5s to share today.

current top 5 running songs: or top 5 songs you should like even if you don’t run:

1.  some nights by fun.  this song is so awesome.  like a mix between indie folk and journey.  and while we’re at it, let’s sneak in this one too.
2.  runaway by my sweetie mk. (but super annoying–you can’t buy this song on its own, you have to buy the whole soul surfer soundtrack)
3.  the champ by nelly.  I am not shy about my love for this man.  he holds a very special place in my heart.  this song is pretty ridiculous…but also pretty awesome.  when it comes up on my running playlist I might turn it back and listen to it again when it’s over.  I love a good song like this that can motivate me to keep going.
4.  breathe by anberlin.  this has been on my playlist for a long time.  it’s so good.  this is the best song to run to if you’ve had a really bad day and need to get it out.
5.  until it beats no more by j-lo.  this gets me going.  it was a close call between this one and turn up the music by chris brown.  (chris brown!  why you gotta be such a scumbag!  it’s a good thing he’s kind of scummy and too young for me because I could watch him dance all day long.)

favorite 5 things about this spring break:

1.  no alarm clock!!!!
2.  I got to eat lunch with my brother david today!  he is one of the best people I know.  it was fun to see where he works and what he does.  I like him an awful lot.  and I get to eat with scott and michelle and effy tomorrow.  HOORAY!!!!!!
3.  lots of time to run.  not that running is going great, in fact it’s going terrible, but at least there is lots of time to make sure and get it in.
4.  having the windows open.
5.  having a lot of time to quilt.  which is totally necessary.  I am really, really challenging myself with these two I’m working on right now.

top 5 reasons I love teaching sunday school:

1.  it is so fun to have a change of pace from high school students.
2.  they know me and love me and it is so nice to be known and loved.
3.  jo, the other lady I teach with.  I love her so.  she is so wonderful and it is a joy to work with her.
4.  the families and parents of my kids.  they are so great and I love seeing them love their kids.  it gives me hope for family.
5.  they say THE MOST HILARIOUS things.  case in point:

carson draws a picture on the whiteboard.
miss kim:  oh is that me?
carson:  yes!
miss kim:  oh!  what am I doing?
carson:  you’re vomiting.
miss kim:  oh…..okay.