updates!  I have been a slacker.  there are some things I have done, and some things I have had to admit will not be done before 30.  which is okay.  it’s good for me to set goals, but I also need to not be pissed if I can’t meet all of them.

1.  (run a marathon.)  this is totally not going to happen before I turn 30.  I was trying, but injury got in my way.  it WILL happen when I am 30!  next winter, probably december or january.  for real.
2.  get a tattoo. 
3.  finish 3 quilts. (12)  3 (and 4) are pretty close to being done.  I am really challenging myself with these two.  points are not my friend and I am trying to face them with my game face on.
4.  learn 4 new songs on the piano.  this has totally not happened.  I’m at one so far (adele, someone like you).  I miss playing the piano all the time.  my least favorite part about apartment life.
5.  read 10 books. (123456789)  10 is about halfway through.
6.  clean my classroom.   this has not stuck.  I am really struggling with organization.  this needs to improve before my surgery so my sub doesn’t kill me.
7.  lose 5 pounds.  just 5.  working on it.  it is so hard to stay on track with eating.  this is extra challenging because the medicine I take for my cluster headaches has a weird effect on my weight.  it pretty much stabilizes it….but not at the spot I’d like it to stay at.  it pretty much makes it so that whatever I eat, or however much exercise I do, it stays the same.  which would be really nice if that spot was a little lower.  it is nice to be able to eat whatever I want, but that breeds bad habits and it is hard to break them.  I need to really be in this for the long run.
8.  grow fresh herbs.  I forgot about this one!  I’ll do it soon!
9.  go back to minnesota.  this has gotten postponed every time, but I think it will happen for real in May.  last weekend in may.
10. get up 30 min early every day for a week.  so….I did this a few weeks ago.  it was okay.  it was nice to not be rushed, but…..man.  I am SO not a morning person.  when my week was up I had no desire to keep this up!
11.  take a weekend retreat by myself.  soon.
12.  break 30 minute 5k.
13.  write in my journal more.  this has happened and not happened.  mostly not happened.  but I did start taking notes again at church and that helps a lot.  really.  I need to take notes or I pretty much don’t pay attention.
14.  (pay off my grad school debt.)  this will totally not happen before I am 30.  I figured out that if I were to do this I would go into a lot of other debt in other areas and that seems unwise.
15.  skype with shalinn.
16.  plan for an international trip.  I sort of have this taken care of, but not on the scale I want.  my summer trip (now a plane trip, wah wah) is going to some time in vancouver, and I got my passport renewed a few days ago, and we are starting to plan for honduras this summer.  I REALLY want to think about something big, like a different continent big.
17.  learn to make larabars.  forgot about this one too!  on it.
18.  make tea for my students.  maybe during testing?
19.  babysit for babies.  this has already happened a few times.  mostly for junebug.  oh how I love her.  hopefully this will be happening more with effy too.  I love her so very much.
20.  get 5 new stand-by recipes. (12)  I really need help with this one.  suggestions?
21.  learn to use my camera properly.  yes and no.  I have a ways to go.
22.  support my advisory kids in activities outside of school.  I have been trying with this one but they aren’t giving me many opportunities!  I think jordyn made the softball team so maybe I can do that.
23.  make my bed every day for a month.
24.  cook dinner for my grandma.  I love my grandma.  but this has not happened yet.  I did get her a bunch of food for her birthday but that doesn’t count.
25.  make mittens for carrie.  one down.  pretty ridiculous.
26.  clean up my inbox once a month.  I would say it’s been more like once every two or three months.
27.  (avoid all running injuries.)  this has SO not happened and it’s crazy annoying.  lots of stupid problems with my hips; also, sesamoiditis.
28.  set up automatic savings.  I am really loving this.  it’s especially awesome if I don’t check it for a few months, and then I go look and I’m like “YES!  I have so much money!”
29.  only buy clothes that are flattering.  I think it is safe to say that I am on top of this one.  I have had to return a few things, but for the most part I am SO on this.
30.  make myself a better scrap bag.  this is getting put off until Baby Fever 2012 is over.  but I think I am going to cut into my tufted tweets to make a whole new set of sewing accessories.  stay tuned.