1.  I am working on THREE countem three baby blankets.  all you people need to not all have babies in the same month and if they were in the same month did they all have to be girls??  no really.  I do like babies.

2.  especially my niece effy.  I love her.  lots and lots and lots.  I made her laugh!  it was the greatest event so far in 2012.  here we are together last month.  this was very special.  she is wearing my dress!  it doesn’t fit me anymore, it’s okay.

3.  here she is in one of the bibs I made her.  she needs a bib at all times.  she is little miss drooly pants.

4.  my classes are so much better this semester!  at least my one bad class.  they are gone, the new class is good.  PTL.  my students make me laugh so hard.  my advisory is gradually getting better.  it is so hard to believe how crazy they made me at the beginning.  I am slowly starting to believe I could love them as much as my old kids.  last week, another student followed one of my kids into my room.  my student said “Are you in this advisory now?”   the other kid said “No man, my advisory is the best.  we get DONUTS.”  and my student replied “You know what we get in this advisory?  KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE.”  it was pretty great.  things are getting better.

5.  I had on an awesome outfit the other day.  I was very proud of it.  I didn’t have a camera with me other than my phone, so I don’t have a good photo, or even a full photo.  but I had on purple jeans (yes I bought purple skinny jeans and I LOVE THEM.  they are awesome) and a grey top with white flecks on it and a yellow sweater and a necklace with lots of different colors.  one of my students said “WHAT are you wearing?  that outfit does NOT match.”  what does he know?  he was wearing sweatpants.  too bad ryan gosling wasn’t there!  (that is totally my new favorite website bee tee dubs.)   (I also have new glasses.  they are purple d&g ones.  I am channeling my inner trish).

6. number 1. run a marathon is not going to happen before I turn 30.  it was not a good plan after that stupid sesamoiditis.  and with a lot of traveling and my eye surgery this spring and summer, training was looking really bumpy and it was making me nervous.  so it will happen, definitely before I turn 31, probably next december.  I feel so much better about this plan.

7.  my trip for this summer is coming together and I am so excited.  but, this is how I am kind of feeling.  I feel like most people I talk to don’t really get it.  I mean, they do, but they don’t. people are worried about my car breaking down, or so much driving!! or you are going to get bored! and stuff like that.  there are some people who think I am a fool for not renting a car and driving my own car instead.  I am not worried.  I am very, very excited.  Laura, Steph, here I come.

8.  I did have a funny not funny incident with my car.  it was really cold one day and I was getting out of my car when I got to school, and the handle snapped off in my hands.  for real.  it was ridiculous.  for about a week and a half while they ordered me a new one, I had to get out by rolling down the window, opening the door from the outside, and then rolling the window back up again.  it was super lame.

9.  I commissioned Carrie to do a puzzle!  well, that is what I am saying.  her brother and sister-in-law brought her a puzzle last year when they went to germany.  turns out the puzzle was pretty poorly made and the pieces didn’t fit together too well.  so along with her Christmas presents I got her a normal, well-made puzzle of the same castle.  I thought it was a nice thing to do as a friend.  I don’t think I ever imagined we would actually do it.  but then Carrie went and started it.  I did like one tiny section but then I gave up.  I’m sorry, it was TOO HARD.  way too hard for me.  she has almost finished it on her own.  give me my americana puzzles any day.

10.  I have no business blogging right now as I have to get back to my sewing machine.  here I go.  happy weekend peeps.