so… 27. avoid all running injuries is not going so well.  I feel like I do more than a lot of people to try and prevent injury, and my body just says “why do you keep insisting on being a runner!!!!”  I am very, very excited to try out my christmas present from my dad (!!!!!!), but it will be a little bit.  starting at about the beginning of december I started to have a weird pain under my big toe.   how do such little bones cause such annoying problems??  freakin sesamoids!

I went to the foot doctor last week, and my diagnosis is sesamoiditis.  LAME!!!  so he taped up my foot and said I had to leave the tape on for like a week and it can’t get wet.  which means I have to wrap a plastic bag around it when I shower.  so. annoying.  and I can’t run at least until I go back on the 11th, maybe longer.  it is feeling a lot better, but it has been really frustrating that the weather has been so nice and I haven’t been able to run.  as I look into marathons to choose from before I turn 30, to get one in at the beginning of june I would need to start training by the end of january.  which means I need to be able to run 8 miles by the end of january.  which will be difficult considering I haven’t really been running since the beginning of december.  um…this is making me very. nervous.    I mean, I’m sure all of my time watching quality television will help too.