oh man.  I LOVE this one.  it’s been done for awhile (little miss adeline is a month old now!) but I just got around to uploading the photos.  I won’t count this as one of my three quilts for 30 before 30 since it was done as Team Quilt and I’ll be making several more before my birthday (people have baby fever I am telling you!)  Team Quilt is my favorite, as you know.  I am so thankful that I got to make this with my bff jami.  I just love her and it was so nice to have an excuse to spend so much time with her.  this was the third baby quilt we have made together (first two here and here), and it might be our favorite.  I would say out of nearly all the quilts I have ever made, I am most pleased with evelyn’s quilt, because matt and katie are good people and really, really USE the quilt.  they are not afraid of wear and tear and it brings so much joy to my heart.  and there is no better gift to a quilter than for one of your quilts to become someone’s “blankie” and security blanket.  evelyn’s blanket looks so loved and worn and it makes me so happy.  so it was very exciting for us to make one for her new baby sister adeline.  I got this fabric as a custom bundle from fabricworm (if you feel like  you have a hard time choosing fabrics this is a really easy thing you can do to get good stuff),  and we love it so much.  (all fabrics from harper’s, cream rose batting, design mine).  we were going for something that was like the reverse of evie’s quilt, so it has muslin squares in the middle with a fabric border.  it originally wasn’t going to have the sashing, but we realized pretty quickly that with all these prints it would get out of control pretty fast and be pretty busy if there wasn’t anything to separate each block.  and, I did much of the cutting wrong and had to redo a lot of this because I am an idiot.  surprise!  this happens a lot.  I told jami I was messing up on purpose so she wouldn’t feel bad if she made a mistake.  I am a good friend like that.

here is the back.  WAY busy but not too big a deal since it’s the back.  this is more like what the front would have looked like if we hadn’t added the sashing.

this is my favorite fabric out of all of them.  I just love the keys.

it’s hard to get good pictures of nice wrinkly quilts.

see why the sashing was so important?

we did a pieced binding.

matt and katie are the cutest people I know and addie is such a tiny little beauty.  I am so glad they are in my life and jami and I really enjoyed doing this for them.