lest you think I am some sort of crazy talented person (I assure you I am not, I am just good at picking projects that are doable and I can handle and turn out nice), and spend all of my time making wonderful things, I spent this whole week doing a whole lot of nothing.  nothing except sitting on the couch and playing dumb games on my phone and watching a bunch of trash on tv.  actual trash, really.  here are the three shows I watched the most, I assure you, they are completely ridiculous and a huge waste of my time.

1.  storage wars.  totally fascinating and ridiculous.  all about people who buy up abandoned storage lockers and see what kind of “treasures” they can find.

2.  pawn stars.  about this dude who owns a pawn shop and the crazy stuff people bring in.  this is how it usually goes:
customer:  I have this olympic torch from the 1984 olympics.
shop guy:  How much do you want for it?
customer:  I was hoping for a thousand dollars.
shop guy:  I’ll give you $80.
customer:  How about $200?
shop guy:  How about $85?
customer: …..Okay!

3.  hardcore pawn.  this show makes pawn stars seem pretty classy.  it’s like pawn star’s skanky cousin.  it’s mostly really trashy people trying to bring in crap like a tv held together with electric tape, and then throwing a fit when the pawn store won’t take it.  and then employees shout back and they get into a yelling match.  on more than one occasion I have seen the customer pull out their gold teeth and toss them on the counter to see if it helps.  I feel like I want to show my students clips from this show, and be like “THIS IS WHY I TEACH YOU SOCIAL SKILLS.”

I did, however, do something worthwhile on thursday.  I took my favorite six-year-old ice skating.  it is so fun to spend time with natalie and probably a better use of my time than watching garbage tv.  she was very excited to learn how to ice skate.  we set goals for how many times we would fall (less than 5, goal not accomplished) and watched the zamboni and got ice cream.  some of my favorite things natalie said to me throughout the course of the day:
“Kim, I can’t read this word you wrote.  I can teach you how to write in cursive.”
“Can we go sit at THAT table?” (at lunch, after moving tables three times)
“I am doing a better job ice skating than most of the adults!”
“If I could have a Christmas dream, it would be to have a pet goldfish.”
“I would like my ice cream to have mint chocolate chip, gummy worms, and peanut butter cups.”
“I LOVE riding these things!” (on an escalator)


watching the zamboni.