for this to start.

I know I have talked about this before, but OHMYGOODNESS you need to be watching downton abbey.  like NOW.  the new season starts on january 8 here in the US.  do what you have to do.  borrow it from me.  or pull it up on netflix.  come on people, you are seriously missing out if you are not with this.

if we’re going to talk about me being a character person then this miniseries is a dream come true.  I feel so strongly about the characters here.  good or bad, there is no one I am ambivalent about.  the ones I love I love, and the ones I don’t love I REALLY don’t love.  give me Mr. Bates, or Isobel Crawley, or really any of the daughters.  is it bad that Edith might be my favorite daughter?  I mean, Sybil definitely gains ground throughout season one, but I just really feel for Edith.  and they really do soften Mary as well…  but Mr. Bates.  COME ON.  if this man doesn’t stir you up and make you cry or shout at the tv for the injustice then I just don’t know about you.  Mr. Bates and Anna is really my favorite story line.  I love them and I am so pulling for them every minute of every episode.  same with William…poor William.  what a sweetheart.  I think we can all agree that Thomas is the devil.  holy cats people.  I could go on and on about how much I love this show.  good job masterpiece.  you have not let me down.