my reading has slowed a little, but I am ready to get back to it.

this was another book that I really enjoyed.  a lot.  this book was so fun.  it was a pretty easy read, and it was very entertaining.  if I were ever to be a writer I would aspire to be like Charles Portis in his style.  it was very much to my taste.  after I finish the books in my queue I might go searching after some of his other works.  I loved mattie.  she cracked me up.  she is so dry, and all of her comments were my favorite part of this book.  you know I am a character reader, and she really did it for me.  I didn’t love most of the other characters, but I don’t know that they were meant to be lovable.  which is okay.  I will be very interested to see the movies (I haven’t seen either of them).  I think that mattie will HAVE to be a certain way, I will be very upset if her character is not as I picture.  but with characters like rooster and LaBoef I think that movie makers could really have a lot of leeway with how they are cast and even a little bit in their temperament.  I could see them going several directions.  I also think that I will have more of an opinion on some of the characters in the movies.  we will see.  I said I like mattie the best for her running dialogue and funny comments, but my favorite is when she just throws down scripture.  awesome, hilarious, and well-played.  I wish that I knew references like she does–the other day I had to look up the reference for my tattoo.  it was embarrassing.  I mean, I know the verse, I know the verse perfect, but I couldn’t remember the reference.  that is something I have never been skilled at.  in the afterward by donna tartt she discussed at length how this book appeals to so many different ages, and different generations, and I couldn’t agree more.  I could see a young adult, or really even a child, liking this story, even though there is some violence.  in the book it is almost comical, I mean it’s not, but it’s very shoot-em-up-western type stuff.  and I am going to call my grandma tomorrow and see if she’s read it (I bed she has) and loan it to her if she hasn’t.  it was so very good.

I suppose I am sort of reading another book right now too–this one for small group (your favorite sara, right?)  and you know that I love me some donald miller.  he is wonderful.  I really could read his books over and over again (and sometimes I do).  we are having a lot of interesting (and sometimes off-topic) conversations about this book.  I think this book is going to really challenge me.  I am so excited for break (I am so close) but I think that the opportunity I have to rest often turns in an opportunity to waste my life and not live a very good story.  so we will see how that goes.  

PS*.  I am still thinking often about this one.  and I am taking a road trip by myself next summer.  I am very excited about this.

*At the end of each semester I have my students write a little reflection/summary about my class.  I love doing this and it is so encouraging for the most part.  one of my foundations kids turned his in with a note at the end:  “PS–I’ve always wanted to write a letter with a PS.”  I love it.  also?  most of these kids have hardly ever written a letter in their lives.  isn’t that kind of a bummer?  I still love them.