I never get tired of Bonus Time Fun Page.  it is my favorite.  I don’t care if other (STUPID) teachers judge me and get angry, it is the best.  it helps my kids to have a good attitude and less fear about test-taking, and it keeps me sane when I am grading.  I’ve got a girl in my advanced class that is just a gem.  I mean, I’ve got lots of them, I really do.   I think sometimes I don’t notice them as much as I should when I am distracted by my one bad class.  I really do have a lot of awesome kids this year.  but this one, she just cracks me up.  she’s always is writing funny stuff all over her papers and I enjoy it thoroughly.  her humor is right up my alley.  this test last week also included a funny drawing about the muffin man getting attacked by a guy named marty.  but anyhow, I digress.  the last BTFP question was a “name that movie quote” question.  she didn’t know any of the movies, so she made up movie titles based on the quotes.  and when I was grading I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.  (correct answer clips:  here, here and here, but respect points if you didn’t need them).

I mean really?  that one about hibernating is my favorite, although really I am a huge fan of all of these.

I have another sweet girl that really just makes my day every day because she’s such a sweetheart.  she brought me the nicest little plate today with like 14 kinds of homemade candy and cookies on it.  (this, along with a santa shaped cookie from another students, sets a new record (2!) for christmas gifts from students in one year).  she is adorable.  here are two of the things she has written in the past few weeks on BTFP:

YES!  I love it.  I love even more that she put jk and drew a different one, like the first one didn’t count or something.   awesome*.
and, this one made me laugh, because I’m sure I have probably said both of those things in class:  (correct answer clip here.)

unrelated to BTFP but related to school:  the library has been cleaning house lately, and I scored like 35 books about geography, one book about alaska, one book about mountains, [so I guess that is like 37 books about geography] and one book on the presidents.  cha-ching!  jackpot.  I am so excited about these books.  my homeroom kids that come to homeroom unprepared are NOT excited, because now when they come unprepared, they are given the task of “here is a book about Cambodia.  make a list of 10 interesting facts.  go.”

 I am the most excited about the book about the presidents.  SPEAKING OF WHICH.  can I tell you the craziest thing I learned last week?  so, Zachary Taylor (yes, we had a president named Zachary Taylor, this would have astonished me a year ago), who was our 12th president, was elected in 1848.  In 1850, he attended the groudbreaking ceremony for the Washington Monument on the 4th of July, and it was like crazy hot.  so he drank a lot of really cold milk and ate a ton of cherries.  and the copious amounts of milk and cherries gave him some crazy stomach problems and five days later he died.  SHUT UP!  I think this is fascinating.  I mean seriously!  the president!  he died because he ate copious amounts of milk and cherries!  that is some crazy s___!  can you imagine if that happened today?  “oh yeah, obama ate a bunch of cherries and milk and now he is so sick he is probably going to die.” I mean, I know it’s modern times, but still.  and they say the doctors weren’t much help and gave him a lot of crazy drugs and stuff.  this college professor in the 1990s even came up with all these theories about him being poisoned, and convinced them to dig up his body to do a more scientific autopsy.  BEE TEE DUBS they found out he was not poisoned: copious amounts of milk and cherries COD confirmed.  why don’t they teach us this stuff in school?   this seems like good information to know.  anyhow.  I will keep you posted on any new information I learn ASAP.

*one time like six years ago, on this question, I had a student that drew a picture of a muffin, then wrote “I don’t understand the question.”  great.  I don’t know what to tell you buddy.